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  Catilina   (L. Sergius Catilina) - Roman praetor, 68 B.C.; killed in 62 B.C.
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82/49 L.Catilina is involved in violence and crime while still a young man.
81/4 Catilina is involved in the cruel murder of M.Marius Gratidianus.
73/39 L.Catilina is accused of defiling a Vestal called Fabia, but he is
73/40 Catilina is reputed to have committed adultery with his future mother
73/41 L.Catilina marries Orestilla, allegedly after murdering his own son
67/2 Catilina is appointed to be propraetor in the province of Africa.
66/31 Clodius accuses Catilina of extortion while governor of Africa, and
66/32 Catilina and others allegedly form an abortive plot against Cotta and
65/1 Catilina forms another plot against the consuls, but fails to carry
65/3 Catilina's accomplice Piso is sent as quaestor to eastern Spain, wher
65/15 Catilina is eventually brought to trial by Clodius, but he is acquitt
64/12 Catilina begins to collect associates for a new conspiracy; he allege
64/20 Sittius, an associate of P.Sulla and Catilina, goes out to Spain.
64/22 toga candida", against his rival candidates Catilina and Antonius.
64/33 Catilina is accused (? of murder) by L.Lucceius, but he is acquitted.
64/35 Catilina carries on with his plans for a conspiracy, despite his fail
63/3 Catilina gains the support of Sempronia and other women.
63/26 Catilina forms an abortive plot to kill the consuls before the electi
63/33 Catilina is unsuccessful in the elections for new consuls.
63/43 Catilina sends out C.Manlius and others to foment revolt in Italy.
63/44 receives an anonymous letter with details of Catilina's conspiracy.
63/45 riousness of the threat from Catilina, and it passes the Ultimate Dec
63/48 Catilina agrees to stay at the house of Metellus, in order to free
63/52 Catilina's supporters make an abortive attack on Praeneste.
63/53 L.Paullus prepares to prosecute Catilina.
63/54 Catilina and the other conspirators meet at Laeca's house.
63/56 Cicero speaks in the senate against Catilina; Catilina leaves Rome.
63/57 cero's second speech against Catilina, to an assembly of the people.
63/59 Catilina sends a letter to Catulus.
63/60 Catilina joins Manlius; Antonius is appointed as general against them
63/61 lodius and others leave Rome with the intention of joining Catilina.
63/64 Q.Metellus and others arrest Catilina's agents throughout Italy.
63/75 Catilina avoids battle with Antonius, and awaits the outcome of event
63/89 the consulship of Cicero, and the failure of Catilina's conspiracy.
62/5 Catilina is defeated and killed by an army under the command of C.Ant
62/9 back to Rome, in order to restore order after Catilina's conspiracy.
62/14 The surviving supporters of Catilina are punished; Caesar strongly
Sallustius- SALLUSTIUS ( Sallust ), Catiline - Catilinae Coniuratio
Cicero,- CICERO, Orationes in Catilinam
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_693   year of these consuls, Catilina was killed in a battle
Diod_40.5   Rome, a certain Catilina, who was heavily in debt, and
Diod_40.5a   Lucius Sergius, surnamed Catilina, being heavily in debt,
Hieron:Chron_1955   and Livius relate about Catilina, Cethegus, Lentulus and
Obseq_61   prodigies the nefarious conspiracy of Catiline began.
Obseq_61a   as proconsul had defeated Catiline in the territory of
Oros_6.3   the same year at Rome, Catiline was accused of an immoral
Oros_6.6   there arose the conspiracy of Catiline against his native land. This
Plin:HN_7.104   Sergius, albeit his great-grandson Catiline diminishes the credit of
Plin:HN_7.117   office; your genius drove Catiline to flight; you proscribed
Schol:Bob_95   decree the associates of Catilina were punished, he makes
Schol:Bob_172   Clodius] as an ally of Catilina, and therefore he mentio
ValMax_2.8.7   Antonius also, the conqueror of Catiline, brought back his army to
ValMax_4.8.3   himself. When the fury of Catiline had brought all the commonwealth
ValMax_5.8.5   entered into friendship with Catiline. Having brought him back
ValMax_9.1.9   [1.9]   The lust of Catiline was wicked. For being madly
ValMax_9.11.3   [11.3]   L. Catilina, when Cicero said in the

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