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  Cassius   (C. Cassius Parmensis) - one of the conspirators who killed Julius Caesar
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43/75 .32-33 & 12.13, letters from Pollio and Cassius Parmensis to Cicero.
30/45 The death of Cassius Parmensis, the last surviving member of the cons
    Within translations:
Cic:Fam_12.13   suicide. [12.13] C.Cassius, quaestor, to M.Cicero & [Cypru
Oros_6.19   disloyal to Antony as well. Cassius Palmensis, the last victim to
ValMax_1.7.7   lost the battle of Actium, Cassius Parmensis, who had taken his

  Cassius 2   - a Sceptic philosopher
DiogLaert_7.32 indeed, among whom is Cassius the Sceptic, attack Zenon
DiogLaert_7.34 rges made against him by Cassius, and also by Isidorus of

  Cassius   - in documents
CIL_1.978 ded by the foremen Aulus Cassius freedman of Gaius, T

Cassiussee Gallus15

Cassiussee Longinus

Cassiussee Severus3

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