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  Carus   - a leader of the Celtiberi, 2nd century B.C.
153/7 The Celtiberi, led by (?) Carus, kill 6000 Roman soldiers in an ambus

  Carus 2   (M. Aurelius Carus) - Roman emperor, 282-283 A.D.
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ExcBarb_48B   years - cons. 5 Carus, Carinus and Numerianus, jointly
Festus:Brev_24   Rome. Imperator Carus' victory over the Persians seemed
Julian:Caes_315   While they were talking, Carus and his sons tried to slip
Oros_7.24   year of the City, Carus of Narbo, the thirty-second
Oros_7.25   dissolute life in Dalmatia, where Carus had left him as Caesar.
SelPap_2.307   Caesar Marcus Aurelius Carus and Marcus Aurelius Car

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THI_119 (334-300)   Herakleides Paktyes son of Karous son of Herakleide

Carussee Lucretius

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