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  Capitol   - a hill in Rome, famous for its temple of Jupiter
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  + Capitoline , Capitolinus , Capitolium
193/21 Dedication of a statue of Veiovis on the Capitol.
192/19 The dedication of the temple of Veiovis on the Capitol.
183/9 the temple of Jupiter on the Capitol before making important decision
179/29 to the senate on the ceremonial shields displayed on the Capitol.
155/21 fig-tree grows on the altar of Jupiter on the Capitol.
146/9 paved floor is laid in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus.
142/15 censors introduce the first gilded ceilings in Rome, on the Capitol.
83/15 fire destroys many of the buildings on the Capitol at Rome.
82/16 quantity of gold from the Capitol and elsewhere in Rome, and keeps
80/25 Sulla starts the restoration of the Capitol.
69/25 buildings, especially the temple of Jupiter, on the Capitol at Rome.
62/1 to remove Catulus' power to control building work on the Capitol.
59/48 Caesar steals 3,000 pounds of gold from the Capitol at Rome.
57/20 ets in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, and summons citizens from
56/7 ablets about his exile, which were placed on the Capitol by Clodius.
52/68 pounds of gold are stolen from the throne of Jupiter Capitolinus.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_114 Suda_T'991 & & Geese save the Capitol from capture. [115]
Aelian:NA_12.33 cept for the hill of the Capitol, for that was not easy
Aug:Fr_12.7 a statue of him on the Capitol, with a golden crown on
Cassiod:Chr_671 of these consuls, the Capitol was burnt down through
Cassiod:Chr_685 the year of these consuls, the Capitol was restored and
CIL_6.1272 [when the Gauls] besieged the Capitol. [There] he
CIL_6.41024 taken up arms and seized the Capitol. When he was
CIL_1.2676 stened up at Rome on the Capitol in the best possible
CIL_1.725 'Rome' to Zeus of the Capitol and the populace of the
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   s . . . To Concordia on the Capitol. [Her temple
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   minor [calls] on the Capitol in the Calabrian sena
DioCass_fr.50 underbolt should fall upon the Capitol near the temple of
Diod_34.28a was deliberating on the Capitol about a suitable course
Diod_37.11 crees. [11] & "By Capitoline Jupiter , Vesta of Rome, Mar
Ennius:Ann_26 a time this hill [the Capitoline Hill] was called 'Satu
Festus:Brev.6 city and besieged the Capitolium, to the citadel of whi
GranLic_6 mpian Jupiter and the other to Capitoline Jupiter. 11 At
GranLic_13 of Jupiter. 19 Therefore the Capitolium was again ritual
Hieron:Chron_1933 time, by the Thracians. The Capitolium at Rome was also
Joseph:AJ_14.36 the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, with this inscriptio
Joseph:BJ_01.200 to have engraved in the Capitol, that they might stand
Joseph:BJ_01.285 and to lay the decree in the Capitol. Antonius also made
Just_43.1 on which now stands the Capitol, as if Saturnus had been
Malal_212 ns, he sent them off the Capitol at Rome, where they can
Malal_225 Rome and renovated the Capitol - both of which were awes
Memn_18 set up at Rome in the Capitoline temple of Zeus [Jupite
Nepos:Att_20 Feretrius, built in the Capitol by Romulus, was unroofed
NicDam_130.49 taken possession of the Capitol, and were obtaining, thro
NicDam_130.50 these came down from the Capitoline, having received pledg
NicDam_130.73 taken to the temple of Capitoline Jupiter, saying that
NicDam_130.94 ough the forum up to the Capitoline, carrying their swords
NicDam_130.99 slaves they descended from the Capitoline. Calling togethe
NicDam_130.101 withdrew again to the Capitoline and took council [sic:
NicDam_130.106 with the forces on the Capitoline, but later, emboldened
NicDam_* 130.116-119 * to conduct him into the Capitol and act as mediators in
Plut:Mor_196 with my crown on to the Capitol to sacrifice; and let him
PsCallisth_1.28 Aemilius the crown of Capitoline Zeus, set with pearls,
Schol:Bob_174 brought down from the Capitol with the praetor Glaucia

  Capitol 2   - an area in Oxyrhynchus
SelPap_2.356 nging to the city in the Capitol below the east colonn
SelPap_2.407 ntractors for the doors of the Capitol, 2500 drachmae

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