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  Basileides   - Epicurean philosopher, c. 200 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
DiogLaert_10.25   onysius who succeeded him, and Basileides who succeeded
Phld:Epic_7b   Athenagoras, Tauriscus . . . Basileides succeeded] as of the Garden
Phld:Phil_11   and again [he studied] under Basileides and Thespis for six months.

  Basileides   - in documents
OGIS_130 (c. 143/2)   Ammonios Harmodios son of Basileides Nesiotes so
RC_64 (2nd cent.)   a], greetings. Artemidorus, Basileides and Mi[.
Syll_322 enodoros son of Eukrates Basileides son of Basileides
THI_61.D (173-169)   of Samos, the son of Basileides second:   ...i

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