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  Bacchylides   of Ceos - Greek lyric poet, 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_13.28 epigram is attributed to Bacchylides or Simonides, but is
AnthPal_6.313 thaeans, and crown Ceian Bacchylides with many wreaths at
AnthPal_9.184 of the Muses, and you, Bacchylides, garrulous Siren, and
AnthPal_9.571 Alcman was sweet, and Bacchylides' lips uttered dainty
Athen_4.174 name used so in Corinna and in Bacchylides. And these flut
Meleager_4.1 -eared corn gleaned from Bacchylides, fair fruit on which

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