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  Bacchants   - female followers of the god Dionysus
  + Bacchanals , Bacchant , Bacchante
AnthPal_6.165   stirs the rout of the Bacchants to fury, this dappled
AnthPal_9.774   ATHENS & { Ph 1 } & The Bacchante is of Parian marble,
AnthPal_9.775   ATHENS & { Ph 2 } & The Bacchante has made the son of Cro
AntipThes_16.290   from Thebes he led the Bacchants to the Italian stage,
Athen_10.441   phanes, in his The Bacchants- & But since this now is not
Athen_12.531   [531] Tearing me as the Bacchants tear a kid ;
Athen_13.560   thing in the manner of a Bacchant, with drums beating; but
Nicand:Al_160   lunatics, and like crazy Bacchanals bawl shrill songs in
Philodamus_140   Come then, welcome the Bacchants' Dionysus and in the streets,
Polyaen_1.1.3   ered the Amazons and the Bacchants to ford it; expecting
Simonid_16.60   } & A. Who is this? & B. A Bacchant. & A. And who carv

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