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  Azotus   - a Philistine city; the Greek name for Ashdod
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  + Ashdod
1Macc_4 lains of Idumaea, and to Azotus and Jamnia; and three thou
1Macc_5 Judas turned aside to Azotus in the land of the Philist
1Macc_* 9-11 * ued them as far as Mount Azotus. 16 When those on the lef
1Macc_14 ra, which is on the borders of Azotus, where the enemy for
1Macc_16 were in the fields of Azotus, and John burned it with
Aristeas_118 Gaza and the district of [118] Ashdod. The country is enci
Joseph:AJ_12.308 plains of Idumaea, and Azotus, and Jamneia; and of these
Joseph:AJ_12.353 They came also to Azotus, and took it, and laid it waste,
Joseph:AJ_13.92 sand footmen and came to Azotus; and removing thence, he
Joseph:AJ_13.93 pursued Apollonius to Azotus; but as soon as Apollonius
Joseph:AJ_13.99 pursued them as far as Azotus, and slew a great many of
Joseph:AJ_13.101 army, he removed from Azotus, and came to Ascalon; and
Joseph:AJ_13.104 conducted him as far as Azotus; where they all made loud
Joseph:AJ_13.395 ollonia, Joppa, Jamneia, Azotus, Gaza, Anthedon, Raphia,
Joseph:AJ_14.75 ia, as also Marissa, and Azotus, and Jamneia, and Arethusa
Joseph:AJ_14.88 were rebuilt Samaria, Azotus, Scythopolis, Anthedon,
Joseph:BJ_01.156 rissa; and besides these Azotus, and Jamneia, and Arethusa
Joseph:BJ_01.166 Adoreus, and Gamala, and Azotus, and many others; while

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