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  Aurelius   (M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus) - Roman emperor, 161-180 A.D.
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  + Antoninus , Marcus , Verus
SHA- SCRIPT. HIST. AUGUSTA, Marcus Antoninus (Aurelius)
    Within translations:
Apul:Flor_9   the favour of the two Caesars forms him for the consulate;
Ennius:Ann_4   FRONTO, to Marcus Aurelius : If ever,- Fettered in soft
Euseb]:Chron_217   [At this time] Marcus Antoninus Pius and Lucius Verus
ExcBarb_48A   13 years - cons. 4 Marcus (?) Verus for 20 years - cons.
Festus:Brev_14   under the two Antonines, Marcus and Verus, and under Sever
Festus:Brev_21   21] Two Antonines, Marcus and Verus, that is, father-in-la
Julian:Caes_312   of brothers, Verus [ Marcus Aurelius ] and Lucius. Sile
Julian:Caes_317   as well. So tell Marcus to come in too." Accordingly Mar
Julian:Caes_328   them. When Marcus Aurelius began to speak, Silenus whispe
Julian:Caes_329   to gain. As for Marcus here, by saying nothing for hims
Julian:Caes_333-335 *   you can find to criticise in Marcus. For in my opinion
Oros_7.14   Augustus. Jointly with his sons Aurelius and Lucius, he governed the
Oros_7.15   the demise of Verus, Marcus Antoninus became sole ruler of the
Oros_7.27   under the rule of Marcus Antoninus, a pestilence spread over a
Polyaen_1.Preface   your sacred majesties, Antoninus and Verus, will also
Polyaen_2.Preface   most sacred majesties, Antoninus and Verus, with this
Polyaen_3.Preface   most sacred majesties, Antoninus and Verus; and I trust
Polyaen_4.Preface   most sacred majesties, Antoninus and Verus; which I have
Polyaen_5.Preface   your most sacred majesties, Antoninus and Verus. I do
Polyaen_6.Preface   most sacred majesties, Antoninus and Verus, I also addre
Polyaen_7.Preface   your most sacred majesties, Antoninus and Verus. In thi
Polyaen_8.Preface   your most sacred majesties, Antoninus and Verus. And
SelPap_1.44   (second) year of Antoninus and Verus the lords Augu
SelPap_1.45   mperor and Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus A
SelPap_1.62   Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus A
SelPap_1.75   Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
SelPap_1.76   Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
SelPap_1.78   Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus A
SelPap_2.214   Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustu
SelPap_2.241   ; for the most divine Antoninus ordained by edict
SelPap_2.243   once." The 2nd year of Antoninus and Verus the lords
SelPap_2.244   The 11th year of Aurelius Antoninus Caesar the lord,
SelPap_2.342   The 9th year of Aurelius Antoninus Caesar the lord
SelPap_2.352   esent third year only of Antoninus and Verus the lords
SelPap_2.383   The third year of Antoninus and Verus the lords, fo

  Aurelius   - in documents
CIL_1.1221 CIL_1 .1221 Latin Text Lucius Aurelius Rermia and his
CIL_1.2519 a later hand : Lucius Aurelius Philo, freedman of L
CIL_1.2689 eleucus, slave of Marcus Aurelius and Gaius Aurelius P
SelPap_1.10 most illustrious. Aurelius Heracles son of Harasis, w
SelPap_1.122 bune of the legion, from Aurelius Archelaus, his benef
SelPap_1.137 Aurelius Dius to Aurelius Hor
SelPap_1.147 Aurelius Theoninus to the
SelPap_1.18 To Aurelius Serenus also called
SelPap_1.22 the 2nd time. To Aurelius Eugenius, gymnasiarch and
SelPap_1.23 deed as above. I, Aurelius John son of Theodorus, of
SelPap_1.25 of the agreement, from Aurelius Menas, head-watch
SelPap_1.26 of the agreement, from Aurelius Pamouthius, lead-wor
SelPap_1.30 diction, at Syene. Aurelius Jacob, whose father is
SelPap_1.35 Aurelius Ptollion son of Ptol
SelPap_1.36 dier, acting through me, Aurelius Sarapion son of Sara
SelPap_1.46 ity of Oxyrhynchus, from Aurelius Phoebammon son of Ar
SelPap_1.47 ble rent-collector, from Aurelius Stephen, baker, so
SelPap_1.48 at Oxyrhynchus. Aurelius Apphouas also called Catam
SelPap_1.49 Aurelius Serenus also called
SelPap_1.5 Oxyrhynchus, acting with Aurelius Theon also called Ne
SelPap_1.50 Aurelius Petosiris son of Pet
SelPap_1.53 To Aurelius Maximus also called
SelPap_1.56 deed as above. I, Aurelius Sarapion son of Julianus
SelPap_1.61 merus of Hermopolis, and Aurelius Isaac, full broth
SelPap_1.63 Loan of 1920 drachmae. Aurelius Melas son of
SelPap_1.80 and principal steward, Aurelius Pseeis son of Phoeba
SelPap_1.86 . . ., at Syene. Aurelius Patermouthis son of Menas
SelPap_2.217 llienus Pius Felix Augustus to Aurelius Plution greet
SelPap_2.225 Aurelius Harpocration, strat
SelPap_2.229 Aurelius Sereniscus also ca
SelPap_2.230 From Aurelius Ptolemy also ca
SelPap_2.237 Aurelius Eudaemon also called
SelPap_2.240 indiction." {Signed} I, Aurelius Isidorus, scribe,
SelPap_2.242 Acts of Aurelius Leontas, strategu
SelPap_2.251 aul the singularis, from Aurelius Cyrus son of Leont
SelPap_2.252 and exsecutores, from Aurelius Pausirius and Aure
SelPap_2.262 llency the epistrategus, Aurelius Heracleides, said
SelPap_2.263 ompanied by your husband Aurelius Phileas son of Apoll
SelPap_2.291 To Aurelius Marcianus, centur
SelPap_2.292 ough the deputy-prytanis Aurelius Sarapion also called
SelPap_2.294 the 6th time. To Aurelius Zenogenes, strategus of
SelPap_2.295 this petition. I, Aurelius Maximus, wrote for them
SelPap_2.300 To his excellency Aurelius Severus, deputy-epis
SelPap_2.302 To Aurelius Demetrius also ca
SelPap_2.303 eo-Hellenes, from Marcus Aurelius Ammonas also called
SelPap_2.306 illustrious city, from Aurelius Leucadius, Hermopoli
SelPap_2.307 To Aurelius Apollonius also ca
SelPap_2.315 ted as warrantors Marcus Aurelius Petesouchus, Serenus
SelPap_2.318 ices at Oxyrhynchus from Aurelius Gaion son of Ammo
SelPap_2.319 of Helena and wife of Aurelius Irenaeus, of the qua
SelPap_2.320 ous and august city from Aurelius Phibion son of Panec
SelPap_2.323 ellency the epistrategus Aurelius Sabinianus from Aure
SelPap_2.326 torship. I, Marcus Aurelius Saras, ex-gymnasiarch, sen
SelPap_2.331 Oxyrhynchite nome, from Aurelius Nilus son of Didy
SelPap_2.332 ths of Oxyrhynchus through me, Aurelius Thonius son of
SelPap_2.333 Oxyrhynchite nome, from Aurelius Sarapion son of Euda
SelPap_2.336 To Aurelius Julius Marcellinus,
SelPap_2.340 olemais to their dearest Aurelius Serenus also called
SelPap_2.341 Aurelius Bion also called Amm
SelPap_2.344 To Aurelius Heras also called Di
SelPap_2.345 the 1st time. To Aurelius Heras also called Dionys
SelPap_2.355 To Aurelius Maecius Nemesianus,
SelPap_2.356 (Notice by) Aurelius Dioscurides also ca
SelPap_2.357 Aurelius Nemesianus son of Cr
SelPap_2.360 Oxyrhynchite nome, from Aurelius Artemidorus son of A
SelPap_2.361 Aurelius Alois son of Choous
SelPap_2.362 2nd, Mesore 19. Aurelius Apphous son of Pathermouth
SelPap_2.364 arge of and responsibility for Aurelius . . ., sausage
SelPap_2.369 ach for the 19th year of Aurelius Antoninus Caesar and
SelPap_2.373 Aurelius Ammonius son of Ammo
SelPap_2.374 of Oxyrhynchus through Aurelius Severus son of Sarma
SelPap_2.390 Aurelius Castorion, senator,
SelPap_2.399 To Aurelius Harpocration, strat
SelPap_2.400 To Aurelius Sereniscus also ca
SelPap_2.404 of the Imperial domains Aurelius Italicus, deputy c
SelPap_2.405 From Aurelius Zoilus, son of Apoll
SelPap_2.426 To Aurelius Philiarchus also ca
SelPap_2.427 Aurelius Apollonius also ca

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