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  Aurelianus   (L. Domitius Aurelianus Augustus)- Roman emperor, 270-275 A.D.
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ExcBarb_48B   years - cons. 1 Quintillus and Aurelianus for 6 years -
Festus:Brev_8   ransferred from there by Aurelian, two Dacias were made
Festus:Brev_24   dded to the glory of imperator Aurelian. For, after her
Julian:Caes_313   as possible. Then Aurelianus came rushing in as though
Julian:Caes_314   has been done'?" With Aurelianus entered Probus, who
Oros_7.23   year of the City, Aurelian, the twenty-ninth emperor, gained
Oros_7.27   at the very feet of Aurelian, who was ordering a persecution,

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