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  Asellus 2   (Ti. Claudius Asellus) - Roman praetor, 206 B.C.
  + Annius
215/37 duel between Claudius Asellus and the Campanian champion Taurea.
74/11 intervenes in the estates of P.Annius and Minucius, and deprives the

  Asellus 3   (Ti. Claudius Asellus) - Roman tribune, 140 B.C.
140/9 Asellus attempts to stop the consul Caepio leaving for his province.
140/11 ipio Aemilianus is brought to trial by the tribune Claudius Asellus.
Cic:DeOr_2.268   Or, as Africanus said to Asellus, who objected to him that

  Asellus 4   (P. Annius Asellus) - a Roman citizen who died in 75 B.C.
75/24 P.Annius Asellus dies, leaving his only daughter as his heir.

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