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  Artavasdes   I - king of Armenia, died in about 95 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
113/6b death of Arsaces, Ardasches (? Artavasdes) becomes king of Armenia.
95/10a The conquests of Artavasdes, king of Armenia, in the west.
95/10b Mithridates of Parthia attacks Artavasdes, king of Armenia.

  Artavasdes 2   II - king of Armenia, 55-34 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
55/55 Artavasdes becomes king of Armenia, after the death of Tigranes.
53/12 Crassus is urged by Artavasdes to advance through Armenia, but instea
34/10 Antonius invades Armenia and captures king Artavasdes.
30/9 Artavasdes, king of Armenia, is executed, by order of Cleopatra.
Joseph:AJ_15.104   Antony subdued Armenia, and sent Artabazes, the son of Tigranes, in
Oros_6.19   Italy. Antony, who had captured Artabanes, the king of Armenia, by

  Artavasdes 3   - king of Media Atropatene, 1st century B.C.
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30/42 Artavasdes of Media Atropatene takes refuge with Octavianus.

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