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  Arsaces   I - king of Parthia, (?) 247-216 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
247/11 Arsaces is proclaimed king of the Parthians.
238/12 Arsaces takes advantage of the war between Seleucus and Antiochus,
216/15 the Parthian kingdom under Arsaces, who establishes a stronghold
216/16 The death of Arsaces I, king of Parthia.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_30   following reason. Arsaces and Tiridates were two brothers
Arrian:Fr_31   following reason. Arsaces and Teridates, two brothers who
Euseb]:Chron_207   ns; their first king was Arsaces, from whom the kings are
Hieron:Chron_1769   eir first king was Arsaces, the founder of the Arsacid dyn
Just_41.5   pite being thus given to Arsaces, he settled the Parthian
Just_41.4-6 *   Macedonians. One Arsaces, a man of uncertain origin, but
Oros_5.4   Parthians in line from Arsaces, conquered the prefect Demetrius.

  Arsaces 2   II - king of Parthia, (?) 216-191 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Just_41.5 one, whose name was also Arsaces, fought with the greatest

  Arsaces 3   - a eunuch, used as a messenger by Themistocles
Polyaen_1.30.4 Therefore he sent Arsaces, another eunuch, to inform the

  Arsaces 4   (? Arshag) - king of Armenia, (?) 127-114 B.C.
126/9b ter the death of Valarsaces, Arsaces (? Arshag) becomes king of Armen
113/6b After the death of Arsaces, Ardasches (? Artavasdes) becomes king of

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