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  Arretium   - a town in Etruria, Italy
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310/22 ies of Perusia, Corsona, and Arretium agree to a thirty years' truce
284/8 The praetor L.Caecilius is defeated by the Senones at Arretium.
225/9 The Gauls defeat a Roman army at Arretium.
208/5 Varro is sent to suppress an incipient revolt at Arretium.
81/7 ted his opponents, including Arretium, Florentia, Interamnium, Larinu
81/8 his veterans at Aleria, Arretium, Capua, Faesulae, Suessula, and
79/7 rights of the inhabitants of Arretium to Roman citizenship, during1
    Within translations:
CIL_6.41024 etter preserved copy, found at Arretium. C. Marius,
CIL_* 11.1826-1832 * M'. Valerius Maximus. Found at Arretium. M'. Valerius

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