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  Ariobarzanes   I Philoromaios - king of Cappadocia, 95-62 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
95/7 propraetor of Cilicia, installs Ariobarzanes as king of Cappadocia.
91/14 Tigranes invades Cappadocia and drives out Ariobarzanes.
90/19 the throne of Bithynia, and Ariobarzanes to the throne of Cappadocia
89/35 Mithridates expels Ariobarzanes from Cappadocia.
84/5 Curio restores Nicomedes and Ariobarzanes to their kingdoms.
79/2 Mithridates and Ariobarzanes send embassies to Rome: the senate order
67/26 idates and Tigranes invade Cappadocia, and expel Ariobarzanes again.
64/16 Deiotarus in Armenia Minor, Ariobarzanes in Cappadocia, Aristarchus
62/8 Ariobarzanes abdicates as king of Cappadocia, in favour of his son.
    Within translations:
Diod_40.4   rom siege the kingdom of Ariobarzanes, Galatia and the ter
Festus:Brev_11   Epafrax, and, afterward, Ariobarzanes, King of Cappadocia,
FGrH_252.A   for the second time; and Ariobarzanes was restored to [the
GranLic_27   the Romans, he dismissed Ariobarzanes like a slave, and
Just_38.2   subsist without a king." Ariobarzanes was in consequence
Just_38.3   Romans by the act, on Ariobarzanes, a prince of inactiv
Memn_26   es. He established Ariobarzanes as king of Cappadocia, and
Memn_38   Cappadocia, whose ruler Ariobarzanes was his ally, Lucull
OGIS_354   (63-52) the son of king Ariobarzanes Philoromaios and queen Athenais
Oros_6.2   drove out its king, Ariobarzanes, and devastated the whole
Sall:Hist_4.60   the territory of king Ariobarzanes up to the river Euph
Sall:Hist_4.67   command the kingdom of Ariobarzanes, unravaged by war,
ValMax_5.7e.2   only with his wife, but Ariobarzanes parted with the kingdom of

  Ariobarzanes 2   II Philopator - king of Cappadocia, 62-52 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
57/13 Ariobarzanes persuades Gabinius, the new governor of Syria, to undert
52/76 Ariobarzanes II rebuilds the Odeium at Athens.
52/77 Ariobarzanes II is killed, apparently by a conspiracy of his enemies.
OGIS_354   (63-52) This statue king Ariobarzanes Philopator, the son of king

  Ariobarzanes 4   - ruler of Cius, 363-337 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_10.413   nce invited to supper by Ariobarzanes the Persian, when
Nepos_13.1   went to the aid of Ariobarzanes, and while the Laconian accepted
Nepos_14.2   Datames was deserted by Ariobarzanes, governor of Lydia, Ionia
Nepos_14.5   to an understanding with Ariobarzanes, gathered a band of
Plut:Demetr_4   idates, the son of Ariobarzanes, was of the same age, and
Polyaen_7.26.1   Lysimachus prisoner. [26] & Ariobarzanes. Ariobarzanes

  Ariobarzanes 5   - king of Pontus, (?) 266-250 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
272/16 ies hired by Mithridates and Ariobarzanes defeat an Egyptian force,
250/12 The death of Ariobarzanes of Pontus, who is succeeded by his son Mith
    Within translations:
Memn_9 ver the city for free to Ariobarzanes the son of Mithridat
Memn_16 long afterwards, Ariobarzanes departed from this world,

  Ariobarzanes 6   (Nabarzanes) - a Persian who plotted against Dareius III
  + Arivartan
PsCallisth_* 2.20-23 * of Darius, Bessus and Ariobarzanes, knew Alexander was
PsCallisth_2.21 wicked men, Bessus and Ariobarzanes, voluntarily came

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