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  Ares   - the Greek god of war
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_3.19 ear secretly this offspring to Ares, Romulus and Remus,
Athen_04.154 Oedipus, & Has savage Ares descended; and they now &
Athen_06.243 ered Woman he says - & I Ares invoke, and mighty Victory,
Athen_09.393 turned into a bird by Ares, and that when he came to
Diod_37.30 are more powerful even than Ares. You entice everything
THI_100 (c. 200)   , Poseidon, Demeter, Ares, Athene Areia and the Tau
THI_12 (c. 309-305)   don, Apollo, Demeter, Ares, Athene Areia {"war
Julian:Caes_334 self when he is rebuking Ares [ Il_5'897 ]: 'Long ago,'
Julian:Caes_335 and thither, till mighty Ares and Aphrodite took pity on
Malal_216 opposite the temple of Ares that was afterwards called
OGIS_86 (c. 210-204)   is was dedicated to Ares Nikephoros {"victory-bring
Phlegon:Mir_6 stir up a much greater Ares against you, & And make deso
Phlegon:Mir_8 country what a baneful Ares Athena will bring out & When
Plut:Demetr_42 of justice. For " Ares is a tyrant," as Timotheus express
Polyaen_01.20.1 war that, inspired by Ares and the Muses, they advanced
PsCallisth_1.4 al, the moon of adamant, Ares of a blood-red jewel, Hermes
PsCallisth_1.12 imself, and he has the soul of Ares, the lion-hearted. For
PsCallisth_1.46 his flesh. & Once Ares raised a mighty war against Thebes
PsCallisth_3.26 father Zeus and Hera and Ares and Athena, bringer of victo
SEG_23.547 (201/0)   a] and Poseidon and [Ares and (?) Aphrodite and] He
SEG_38.603 (202-197)   don, Demeter, Apollo, Ares, Athene Areia, the Tauro
SEG_48.588 (289)   Gē, Helios, (?) Ares, (?) Athene Areia, and] a
Syll_366 (c. 292)   a, Helios, Poseidon, Ares, Athene Areia, and all
Syll_673 (150-135)   ing to Poseidon Argeios and Ares.   Epicharmos
Timoth:Pers_20 with the drippings of Ares, and all was mingled pain
Timoth:Pers_86 fend off the Greek war god [Ares]. But now alas! where

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