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  Archagathus   - son of Agathoces of Syracuse; killed in 307 B.C.
309/14 mutiny in his after, after the murder of Lyciscus by Archagathus.
307/5 Agathocles leaves his son Archagathus in charge of the army in Africa
307/16 Archagathus divides up his army, which is then heavily defeated by
307/26 The soldiers kill Archagathus and Heracleides, the sons of Agathocles
    Within translations:
Just_22.5 his two grown-up sons, Archagathus and Heracleides, he
Just_22.8 of his army to his son Archagathus, and went back to Sic

  Archagathus 2   - grandson of Agathoces of Syracuse; killed in 288 B.C.
288/2 ocles, allegedly murdered by Archagathus the grandson of Agathocles.
288/16 Menon assassinates Archagathus.

  Archagathus 3   - son of Lysanias; a doctor at Rome in the late 3rd century B.C.
219/42 Archagathus is the first doctor to set up a practice at Rome, after

  Archagathus   - in documents
OGIS_773 (c. 286)   As proposed by Archagathos; the presidents Sokra

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