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  Arabia   - (Arabia Petraea or Nabataea) - approximately the modern country of Jordan
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  + Arab , Arabian , Arabians , Arabs , Nabataeans , Nabathaeans
311/8 The Nabataeans defeat Athenaeus, the general of Antigonus.
311/13 Demetrius leads a raid against the Nabataeans.
218/36 Palestine, and then attacks and captures Rabbatamana in Arabia.
96/2 the king of the Nabataean Arabs, extends his power by attacks
94/11 Alexander Jannaeus is defeated by Obedas the king of the Arabs.
84/13 the king of the Nabataean Arabs defeats and kills Antiochus Dionys
76/15a Tigranes settles Arabs in the region of Commagene and Cilicia.
66/4 support from Azizus the Arab, sets himself up as a rival king
66/16 ersuades Hyrcanus to take refuge with Aretas, the king of the Arabs.
63/24 Pompeius prepares to fight against Aretas and the Nabataean Arabs.
63/80 Antiochus is killed by the Arabs but Philippus, another Seleucid prin
62/25 Scaurus invades Arabia and attacks Petra.
58/71 entulus Marcellinus, as governor of Syria, fights against the Arabs.
55/34 Gabinius attacks the Nabataeans.
32/10 Herodes defeats the Nabataean Arabs.
32/13 The Arabs defeat Herodes, with the assistance of one of Cleopatra's
31/18 Herodes restarts war against the Arabs, and defeats them.
    Within translations:
1Macc_5 encountered the Nabataeans, who met them peaceably and
1Macc_* 9-12 * multitude and begged the Nabataeans, who were his friends,
2Macc_5 Aretas the ruler of the Arabs, fleeing from city to city,
2Macc_12 less than five thousand Arabs with five hundred horsemen
Aelian:NA_2.38 the winged serpents from Arabia to cross into Egypt, but
Aelian:NA_3.28 the Greeks call it so, and the Arabians in like manner wit
Aelian:NA_6.10 of this kind, among the Arabs for instance the Troglodyte
Aelian:NA_7.27 as goats do. The Arabians maintain that their flocks gro
Aelian:NA_10.13 shape in the fauna of Arabia might well put anyone skil
Aelian:NA_10.4 that the sheep of Arabia have tails of abnormal length
Aelian:NA_12.20 trong. But all the Arabian cows that have finely developed
Aelian:NA_16.41 5] that there are lizards in Arabia two cubits long. Pam
Aelian:NA_17.36 tle knowledge. The Arabians however, and all whose country
Aristeas_114 rought into the country by the Arabs. For the country is
Aristeas_119 eighbouring mountains of Arabia copper and iron were forme
Arrian:Fr_1 bya, and of that part of Arabia that borders upon Egypt,
Athen_5.201 ian sheep, three hundred Arabian sheep, twenty Euboean she
Athen_6.249 the country of the Arabs they used to do these things, not
Athen_14.649 writes thus: "But both Arabia and Syria produce the peac
Athen_4.145 too are taken; and the Arabian ostrich (and that is a
ChronPasc_465 pater of Ascalon and Cypris of Arabia. He was granted the
ChronPasc_469 Antipater and of Cypris, an Arabian woman. Herodes kil
Demetr:Eloc_38 with a single long one, e.g. Arabia. [39] & In the elev
Diod_33.4a mblichus, a chieftain of Arabia, who happened to have been
Diod_40.4 king of the Nabataean Arabs, also Syria next to Cilicia
Diod_40.1a and went to meet Azizus the Arab, who willingly receive
Eupolemus_2 Moabites, and Ituraeans, and Nabathaeans, and Nabdaeans.
Euseb]:Chron_13 arts lying towards Arabia are dry and barren, but the part
Euseb]:Chron_25 ears Then 9 kings of the Arabs, for 245 years After that
Euseb]:Chron_39 uard] against the raids of the Arabs. He adorned the palac
Euseb]:Chron_45 yria, and Phoenicia, and Arabia, and exceeded in his explo
Euseb]:Chron_153 that these people were Arabians." Now in another copy
ExcBarb_34A sia He gave the whole of Arabia to Stasanorus He gave Ogdi
Festus:Brev.3 Mesopotamia, Assyria, Arabia, and Egypt, passed under
Festus:Brev.14 esopotamia, Assyria, and Arabia were made provinces and
Festus:Brev.21 terior, and made a province in Arabia. Titles were obtaine
HierCard_5 country of the Nabataean Arabs there is a bitter lake, in
Hieron:Chron_1983 Ascalon and Cypris of Arabia, was appointed by the Roma
Hieron:Chron_1984 1987 in Ar.] Antonius assigned Arabia to Cleopatra. [not
Joseph:AJ_12.229 perpetual war with the Arabians, and slew many of them,
Joseph:AJ_12.233 place is between Arabia and Judaea, beyond Jordan, not
Joseph:AJ_12.236 what he had done to the Arabians, he ended his life, and
Joseph:AJ_12.335 they lighted upon the Nabataeans, who came to meet them
Joseph:AJ_12.341 and induced some of the Arabians, by the promise of rewar
Joseph:AJ_13.10 Gaddis, to the Nabataean Arabs, that he might lodge his
Joseph:AJ_13.18 llustrious men among the Arabians, and that the damsel was
Joseph:AJ_13.117 and accordingly he fled into Arabia. Now it happened in
Joseph:AJ_13.118 diel, a prince among the Arabians, cut off Alexander's hea
Joseph:AJ_13.131 and went to Malchus the Arabian, who brought up Antiochus
Joseph:AJ_13.144 he now returned out of Arabia into Syria, with the child
Joseph:AJ_13.179 ned thence, he went into Arabia, and fought against the
Joseph:AJ_13.360 es,) Aretas, king of the Arabians, a person then very illu
Joseph:AJ_13.374 also overcame the Arabians, such as the Moabites and Gile
Joseph:AJ_13.375 with Obedas, king of the Arabians, and fell into an ambush
Joseph:AJ_13.382 iver back to the king of Arabia the land of Moab and Gilea
Joseph:AJ_13.384 Azizus, the ruler of the Arabian tribes, and Mithridates
Joseph:AJ_* 13.387-391 * making war against the Arabians, his brother Philippus
Joseph:AJ_13.414 es; for that Aretas, the Arabian king, and the monarchs,
Joseph:AJ_14.10 friendship with those Arabians, and Gazites, and Ascalo
Joseph:AJ_14.14 to Aretas, the king of Arabia; and promised, that if he
Joseph:AJ_14.15 way to Aretas. Now Arabia is a country that borders upon
Joseph:AJ_* 14.18-21 * ander had taken from the Arabians, which were these, Medab
Joseph:AJ_14.31 with a greater number of Nabataeans, who were no very warl
Joseph:AJ_14.46 a view of the affairs of the Nabataeans. In the mean tim
Joseph:AJ_14.48 was leading against the Nabataeans, and the auxiliaries
Joseph:AJ_14.80 dition against Petra, in Arabia, and set on fire all the
Joseph:AJ_14.83 chaerus, near the mountains of Arabia. [84] Gabinius there
Joseph:AJ_14.103 lination, and went against the Nabataeans, and overcame
Joseph:AJ_14.122 ecially with the king of Arabia, to whom he committed his
Joseph:AJ_14.128 the principal men of the Arabians should come to his assis
Joseph:AJ_14.277 together an army, partly of Arabs, and partly of his
Joseph:AJ_14.362 went directly for Petra, in Arabia. [363] But when it
Joseph:AJ_14.370 went to Malchus, king of Arabia, whom he had formerly been
Joseph:AJ_14.372 principal men among the Arabians, that they might cheat
Joseph:AJ_14.390 his dependents, to the Arabians; for he had heard that
Joseph:BJ_01.6 onians, and the remotest Arabians, and those of our nation
Joseph:BJ_01.89 made an incursion into Arabia; and when he had taken tha
Joseph:BJ_01.90 with Obedas, king of the Arabians, who had laid an ambush
Joseph:BJ_* 01.99-101 * was marching against the Arabians; so he cut a deep trench
Joseph:BJ_01.124 to Aretas, the king of Arabia, and to lay claim to the
Joseph:BJ_01.125 oyal seat of the king of Arabia, [126] where he put Hyrcan
Joseph:BJ_01.128 rald to Hyrcanus and the Arabians, and threatened them wit
Joseph:BJ_01.131 of their hopes from the Arabians, they transferred the
Joseph:BJ_01.159 made an expedition into Arabia, but was stopped by the
Joseph:BJ_01.161 that lay upon the mountains of Arabia. [162] However, Gabi
Joseph:BJ_01.178 and fought and beat the Nabataeans: as for Mithridates
Joseph:BJ_01.181 eminent family among the Arabians, whose name was Cypros,
Joseph:BJ_01.187 scalon, he persuaded the Arabians, among whom he had lived
Joseph:BJ_01.267 made haste himself to Petra of Arabia. [268] As for the
Joseph:BJ_* 01.274-278 * pursue his journey into Arabia, as making haste to get
Joseph:BJ_01.286 posed to run away to the Arabians, with two hundred of his
Joseph:BJ_01.360 humour to the Jews and Arabians, and secretly laboured
Joseph:BJ_* 1.365-373 * the kings {of Judaea and Arabia}, she prevailed with Anton
Joseph:BJ_1.376 them ever overlook an Arabian, or suffer such a one to
Joseph:BJ_1.381 ray every day, and invited the Arabians to fight. But as
Joseph:BJ_1.385 nsomuch that he punished Arabia so severely, and so far
Joseph:BJ_1.388 rable companion of his, if the Arabians had not hindered
Joseph:BJ_1.419 upon a mountain towards Arabia, and named it from himself
Joseph:BJ_1.440 as well as Malichus the Arabian; for his fear did not onl
Julian:Mis_348 Syrians also, and the Arabs and Celts and Thracians and
Just_13.4 with part of Africa and Arabia, fell by lot to Ptolemy
Just_36.2 fast in the deserts of Arabia, he consecrated every seve
Just_38.9 hired, through the deserts of Arabia to Babylon. But Phr
Just_39.5 prey to the people of Arabia, a nation previously regar
Just_40.2 depredations of the Jews and Arabians. He in consequenc
Lucian:Macr_4 ory-tellers in Syria and Arabia, and the so-called Brahmin
Malal_223 rovince. He forced Arabia, which was ruled by Arabas the
NicDam_136 [F136] Herodes attacked Arabia without the agreement of
Plut:Demetr_7 to subdue the Nabataean Arabs, found himself in great dan
Polyaen_7.4.1 was fighting against the Arabs, he placed behind the Egypt
Poseidon_3 Athen_14.649'd & Produce of Arabia and Syria: pistachio
Poseidon_96 Fragrant salts can be found in Arabia. [97] [202.K] & CLEO
Poseidon_105 are possibly similar to the Arabians, Aramaeans, and
POxy_1380 p~isis_hymns.html#6 tlet Isis, preserver; in Arabia great, goddess ; in the
PsCallisth_1.2 ere are Scythians, Arabians, Oxydraces, Iberes, Seres, Cau
PsCallisth_1.41 tarted out for the war through Arabia. Darius and his men,
PsCallisth_2.11 Cappadocia and Paphlagonia and Arabia, and to the other
PSI_406 there he collected a band of Nabataeans. There was an
SelPap_1.107 received your letter from the Arab and I read it with
SelPap_1.179 the fourth part of the Arabian wool; to let him take
SelPap_2.282 in the Arsinoite nome, Arab archer at the custom-h
SelPap_2.291 am serving blamelessly as an Arab archer. A sow ha
SelPap_2.325 son of Ptolemy of the Arabs' quarter, and Titania

  Arabia 2   (Arabia Eudaemon) - approximately the modern country of Yemen
Wikipedia entry
  + Arabian , Arabs
246/24 maeus, extracts a huge piece of rock-crystal from an Arabian island.
164/9 sends an expedition to explore the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf.
    Within translations:
Festus:Brev.3 uenians and Saracens and Arabs it warred; all of Judaea
Festus:Brev.14 of the Armenians. Arabs and Judaeans were conquered in
Festus:Brev.16 rax; and defeated Saracens and Arabs. After Judea had been
Festus:Brev.20 of the Oshroenians and Arabs; obtained the Carduenians
Festus:Brev.21 beni, gained control the Arabs of the interior, and made
Hieron:Chron_1692 ["The Sonii were Arabs from (Arabia) Eudaemon" - Ar.]
Hieron:Chron_1697 Samnites [or "Saunian Arabs" - Ar.] , who had fought
Paean:Delph_1 and together with the smoke, Arabian incense rises to
Phylarch_17 stream of water in the Arabian Gulf, and that if any man
Polyaen_7.11.7 self marched through the Arabian desert and arrived at Mem

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