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  Antiocheia 2   in Persis - a city founded by Antiochus I; may also have been called Laodiceia
261/15 The foundation of Antiocheia-in-Persis, with settlers from Magnesia.
205/13 OGIS_233, a decree of Antiocheia-in-Persis renewing its close connect
RC_31   (208/7) appeared before us in Antioch in Persis, and delivered

  Antiocheia 3   Margiana - a city on the river Margus, to the west of Bactria; the modern Merv
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  + Merv
261/14 The foundation of Antiocheia Margiana.
    Within translations:
Plin:HN_6.47   Orodes. From the heights of Antiochia across the ridges of the
PsCallisth_3.17   hat is Mârô {Merv}, and I offered sacrifices

  Antiocheia 4   on the Maeander - a city in Caria
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Antiocheiasee Nisibis

Antiocheiasee Tarsus

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