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  Antioch   - a city in Syria; the capital of the Seleucid kingdom
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  + Antiochians
300/2 Seleucus holds a festival at "Iopolis", near Antioch.
300/3 The foundation of Antioch.
269/2 The completion of the construction of Antioch.
246/34b ves the images of some gods from Cyprus, and places them in Antioch.
246/39 Berenice and her son are murdered at Antioch.
242/3 army is defeated by the Egyptians, and forced to retreat to Antioch.
227/4 atonice leads a rebellion at Antioch, but is captured and killed
226/9 Seleucus founds a new quarter at Antioch.
226/9b ucus brings a statue of Isis from Egypt, and displays it in Antioch.
204/19a Syria, and after he dies is buried either in Apameia or in Antioch.
204/20 Syria, and after he dies is buried either in Apameia or in Antioch.
187/3b Antiochus builds a new quarter in the city of Antioch.
164/10 plague at Antioch is stopped, by following the advice of a priest
164/12 ochus IV pays for temples at Antioch and Athens, and many other build
148/2 earthquake at Antioch.
145/11 Ptolemy VI enters Antioch.
145/30 Cretan and Jewish mercenaries massacre the inhabitants of Antioch.
144/10 Tryphon captures Antioch.
116/5 The parasite Hierax of Antioch is put to death by Ptolemy.
112/10 feats Cyzicenus and captures Antioch, where Cleopatra the wife of Cyz
83/34 Manilius all arrive on the same ship, as slaves from (?) Antioch.
70/20 his guides, but leaves them behind and makes his own way to Antioch.
67/28 being captured and released by pirates, Clodius proceeds to Antioch.
66/4a Q.Marcius Rex visits Antioch, where he negotiates with Philippus and
66/37 M.Cato visits Antioch and other places in the eastern provinces.
64/24 Pompeius is received with enthusiasm at Antioch and Seleuceia.
51/53 rthians as they retreat from Antioch, and kills Osaces, one of their
50/19 stays within the walls of Antioch, until the Parthians have comple
50/55a the statues of Zeus and Athena from Antioch and sends them to Rome.
49/66 The starting point of the Era of Antioch.
    Within translations:
1Macc_10   grieved and returned to Antioch. 69 And Demetrius appoin
1Macc_11   est. 13 Then Ptolemy entered Antioch and put on the crow
1Macc_3-6 *   troops and departed from Antioch his capital in the one
2Macc_4   of Jerusalem as citizens of Antioch. 10 When the king
2Macc_5   ple, and hurried away to Antioch, thinking in his arroganc
2Macc_8   country till he reached Antioch, having succeeded chiefly
2Macc_11-14 *   you. For we are on our way to Antioch. 37 Therefore make
Aelian:NA_7.43   I learn that at Antioch in Syria there was a tame eleph
AnthPal_6.332   & i.e. it was at Antioch in Syria on his way to the Pers
Athen_2.45   mixed the fountain at Antioch with wine; a thing which
Athen_6.252   ], says that Hierax of Antioch, who used formerly to acc
Athen_10.439   ing some public games at Antioch, he invited all the Greek
ChronPasc_440   ntiochus Eupator came to Antioch, he found Philippus actin
ChronPasc_448   tants of Seleuceia, near Antioch in Syria, count their era
ChronPasc_457   rst indiction. In Antioch the Great the freedom of the
ChronPasc_460   first year of the era of Antioch the Great and the first
ChronPasc_472   time a cetain senator of Antioch who had returned to Rome
Diod_33.3   rit, gave up the government of Antioch to Hierax and Diodo
Diod_33.4   terwards, when the Antiochians taunted and jeered at him,
Diod_34.17   ntiochus became known at Antioch, the whole city mourned,
Diod_40.1a   Some of the citizens of Antioch, feeling contempt for Ant
Diod_40.1b   aware of the plot, and fled to Antioch. [2] &   While
Euseb]:Chron_255   battle near the city of Antioch against Ptolemy, who
Euseb]:Chron_259   nus brought an army from Antioch, but was defeated in a
Euseb]:Chron_261   from the inhabitants of Antioch, ignored Antiochus and
Festus:Brev_16   ans. Returning to Antioch, he, delighted by the lovelines
Festus:Brev_24   at Immae, not far from Antioch, and led her captive befo
GranLic_6   being carried back to Antioch, the animals suddenly too
Hieron:Chron_1699   Seleucus restored and called Antioch. 115.4 * . [1700]
Hieron:Chron_1715   founded the cities of Antioch, Laodiceia, Seleuceia,
Hieron:Chron_1949   949] [1944 in Ar.] Antioch in Syria was captured by the
Hieron:Chron_1969   Ar.] The inhabitants of Antioch reckon their years from
Joseph:AJ_12.119-123 *   the metropolis itself, Antioch; and gave them privileges
Joseph:AJ_12.247   deal of money, he returned to Antioch. [248] Now it came
Joseph:AJ_12.315   ith him, and returned to Antioch, where he listed foreigne
Joseph:AJ_12.367   marched hastily out of Antioch, with Lysias, who had the
Joseph:AJ_12.383   had so done, he returned to Antioch. He also carried
Joseph:AJ_12.394   haste, and went out of Antioch with his army; and when
Joseph:AJ_12.397   in obedience and returned to Antioch to king Demetrius.
Joseph:AJ_12.401   nce; [401] so he came to Antioch, and irritated him agains
Joseph:AJ_12.421   [421] who marched out of Antioch, and came into Judaea,
Joseph:AJ_13.33   returned to the king at Antioch; and after this his depar
Joseph:AJ_13.36   built himself, not far from Antioch and admitted nobody
Joseph:AJ_13.42   left them, and fled to Antioch, excepting those that wer
Joseph:AJ_13.87   Phoenicia, and came to Antioch, that he might put matter
Joseph:AJ_13.108   terms with the people of Antioch, for they had suffered
Joseph:AJ_13.111-116 *   persuade the people of Antioch to receive Demetrius, bec
Joseph:AJ_13.123   took his army, and came from Antioch, against Jonathan.
Joseph:AJ_13.135-141 *   Now the people of Antioch hated Demetrius, both on accoun
Joseph:AJ_13.144   oth his elephants and the city Antioch. [145] Demetrius,
Joseph:AJ_13.188   and treachery, came from Antioch to Bethsan, which by the
Joseph:AJ_13.209   burial, he returned himself to Antioch. [210] However, Sim
Joseph:AJ_13.385   aptives of the people of Antioch, they restored them to
Joseph:AJ_13.386   fight was over, came to Antioch, and took it, and reigned
Joseph:AJ_14.125   head; and thus did he die at Antioch. [126] But Ptolemae
Joseph:AJ_14.323   rite to the Sidonians, and the Antiochians, and the Aradia
Joseph:AJ_14.440   when he came to Antioch, and met there a great number
Joseph:AJ_14.451   was come to Daphne by Antioch, they told him of the ill
Joseph:AJ_15.8   resolved to behead him at Antioch, [9] for otherwise the Jews
Joseph:AJ_15.218   conducted Caesar as far as Antioch; but upon his return, as
Joseph:AJ_15.359   thereby departed this life at Antioch in Syria; [360]   so
Joseph:AJ_20.246   Antonius had him brought to Antioch, and slain there.
Joseph:BJ_1.185   beheaded by Scipio at Antioch, and that by the command
Joseph:BJ_1.243   the Jews to Daphne by Antioch to Antonius, who was alre
Joseph:BJ_1.328   erodes was at Daphne, by Antioch, he had some dreams which
Joseph:BJ_1.425   open place belonging to Antioch in Syria, did not he pave
Just_15.4   for he called the city Antioch from the name of his fath
Just_27.2   fled in trepidation to Antioch, not much better attended
Just_35.1   mpact with the people of Antioch, at that time enraged aga
Just_35.2   er. The people of Antioch, too, to atone for their injuri
Just_39.1-3 *   Syria; for the people of Antioch, in the first place, unde
Malal_200-207 *   and he called the city Antioch, after the name of his
Malal_211-213 *   possessions; he captured Antioch the great and the rest
Malal_216   reached in the city of Antioch on the 12th day of the
Malal_217   first year of the era of Antioch the great is counted from
Malal_222-225 *   eached Syria and entered Antioch the great, in order to
Obseq_65a   and uproar of arms at Antioch, so that twice the army
OGIS_247   (187-175)   tue of Heliodoros of Antioch, the son of Aischylos,
OGIS_256   (129-117)   tue of Krateros of Antioch, the son of Krateros,
OGIS_456.A   (c. 20) d Ma[ssalia . ] and Antioch near Daphne. The annual [sacrific
Oros_6.13   and who had recently entered Antioch. He drove them off and
Oros_6.19   with a few men to Antioch. Though defeated by the great
Oros_7.12   Pantheon at Rome, while at Antioch an earthquake laid almost the
Oros_7.33   12 When Valens had left Antioch and was going to his
Philip_6.259   & A. From whence ? & B. From Antioch. & A. Why did he
Plin:HN_5.66   the part touching Cilicia Antiochia. [67] Its length between
Plin:HN_5.79   and inland the city of Antioch itself, which is a free
Plin:HN_6.24   advances above the region of Antioch, the part of it called
Plin:HN_6.213   Botrys, Tripolis, Byblus, Antioch, Laodicea, Seleucia, seaboard
Plin:HN_35.199   of these being Publilius of Antioch the founder of our mimic
Plut:Demetr_32   carried her with great pomp to Antioch. Demetrius seized
Polyaen_8.61.1   her rank, and conducted her to Antioch. [62] Epicharis.
Porph:Fr_43   Gennaeus, the leaders of Antioch, and she set up her elder
Porph:Fr_57   Lysias, the governor of Antioch and Phoenicia, as command
Poseidon_4   then_6.252'e & Hierax of Antioch, a parasite of Ptolemy
PsCallisth_1.31   The greatest city in Syria is Antioch. This is eight stad
PsCallisth_2.11   by thousands and send them to Antioch in Syria. And if
SEG_54.1625.A   the council and people of Antioch, and the council and people
SelPap_2.228   ive cities from the Thebaid to Antioch. Take over from
Syll_474   (184/3)   s who have arrived in Antioch, and when he came to
THI_145   (late 3rd cent.)   s: since Hermeios of Antioch, the son of Asklepiodo
THI_158.F   (c. 170-150) steward] Helikon of Daphne near Antioch, who is the son of
ValMax_1.6.12   of arms, was heard at Antioch and Ptolemais, that the soldiers

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