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  Antigoneia   - a city founded by Antigonus in Syria
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  + Antigonia
306/11 foundation of the city of Antigoneia, Antigonus' capital in Syria.
302/12 ations at his new capital of Antigoneia, in order to march against
222/1 The Achaeans refound Mantineia as "Antigoneia".
    Within translations:
Hieron:Chron_1699 onus founded the city of Antigoneia on the river Orontes,
Malal_* 198-201 * river Dracon, which he called Antigonia. After defeating
Plut:Arat_45 more be called Mantineia, but Antigoneia, which name it

  Antigoneia 2   - a festival in honour of Antigonus
Syll_493 (230-220)   procession of the Antigoneia; and the agonothete
THI_75 (c. 305)   d the [festival] of Antigoneia as they do already;

Antigoneiasee Mantineia

Antigoneiasee Nicaea

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