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  Annius   (M. Annius) - a Roman officer, who fought against the Scordisci in 119 B.C.
119/5 efeat and kill Sex.Pompeius, but they are held in check by M.Annius.
119/6 Syll_700, an inscription in honour of M.Annius.

  Annius 2   (L. Annius) - tribune of the plebs, 110 B.C.
110/9 The tribunes P.Lucullus and L.Annius prevent the consular elections

  Annius 3   (T. Annius Velina) - a Roman orator, early 1st cenutry B.C.
Cic:Brut_178 dicial process. T. Annius Velina was likewise a man of sen

  Annius   - in documents
CIL_1.20 Text Marcus Aemilius and Gaius Annius. Small brass pl
CIL_1.1794 at Prezza. Titus Annius Rufus son of Titus, Lucius S
CIL_1.2506 B.C.? Not dedicated? Quintus Annius Fe . . ., free
Syll_688 (135)   milian tribe, Gaius Annius, son of Gaius, of the Ca

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