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  Annales   - an epic poem in Latin, written by Q.Ennius
172/16 Q.Ennius completes the twelfth book of his Annales.
    Within translations:
Ennius:Ann_4 love, which I take from the Annales, a poetic and dream
Ennius:Ann_14 in the beginning of his Annales where he states that in
Ennius:Ann_22 the first book of the Annales - But be sure to do what
Ennius:Ann_30 ens. Ennius in the Annales - These men one day Laurentum's
Ennius:Ann_32 woman should take the Annales (there's no poem shaggier
Ennius:Ann_49 the first book of the Annales - I pray you, hallowed
Ennius:Ann_56 mean data; Ennius in the Annales - But Ilia, rendered into
Ennius:Ann_106 witness to this fact in the Annales. SERVIUS auctus :
Ennius:Ann_111 lso in the first book of Annales - Nerio, consort of Mars,
Ennius:Ann_150 the third book of Annales - The All-glorious sent down
Ennius:Ann_151 the third book of the Annales - and there came flying
Ennius:Ann_159 the seventh book of the Annales, in the third book of whi
Ennius:Ann_163 third book of Ennius' Annales this line - Then she says
Ennius:Ann_172 the fifth book of the Annales - by name Burrus, a man
Ennius:Ann_210 the seventh book of the Annales (in a sketch of Geminus
Ennius:Ann_241 the seventh book of the Annales - the leaves turn ruddy
Ennius:Ann_251 ion in the seventh book of the Annales. . . . [253] & Defe
Ennius:Ann_256 the seventh book of the Annales - At last with mighty rus
Ennius:Ann_260 by Ennius also in the Annales - [Discord], of hellish
Ennius:Ann_262 from the eighth book of the Annales ... - When news of
Ennius:Ann_300 book, I think, of the Annales - Then Marcus Cornelius
Ennius:Ann_312 nnius in the ninth book of the Annales - the army billowed
Ennius:Ann_358 Ennius in a book of the Annales - Report you : it is the
Ennius:Ann_363 the twelfth book of the Annales; and that Ennius himself
Ennius:Ann_366 for in the thirteenth book of Annales he wrote quem cor.
Ennius:Ann_370 in the thirteenth book of the Annales ... - Do seers, in
Ennius:Ann_372 rom Ennius' fourteenth book of Annales . . . - Forthwith
Ennius:Ann_383 iginal conclusion of the Annales & & L & [384] & The siege
Ennius:Ann_385 fifteenth book of the Annales - Many were laid low by
Ennius:Ann_388 original ending to his Annales ; his old age : CICERO
Ennius:Ann_392 on their account added to his Annales the sixteenth book.
Ennius:Ann_395 the written evidence of Annales and by the greatest of
Ennius:Ann_440 the eighteenth book of Annales writes - a tawny mist ful
Ennius:Ann_447 Fragments of the Annales not assigned to any Book & &
Ennius:Ann_455 . Ennius in the Annales - And then after most swiftest
Ennius:Ann_506 in a book of the Annales - Bravo ! The Latins were refre
Ennius:Ann_514 Ennius ... in the Annales - and their sturdy strength cru
Ennius:Ann_524 ndi. Ennius in the Annales - Bare also stripped he the joy
Ennius:Ann_526 hat a book chosen from Ennius' Annales was being read. In
Ennius:Ann_529 ted, as we notice in the Annales of Quintus Ennius (unless
Ennius:Ann_542 Ennius also, who in the Annales uses praepes not of the
Ennius:Ann_553 Quintus Ennius in the Annales was wise when he wrote
Ennius:Ann_559 oun. Ennius in the Annales - Meanwhile the white brillianc
Ennius:Ann_564 354] , and Ennius in the Annales has - of the fruit-bearin

  Annales 2   Maximi - the offical Roamn historical records
115/15 the official Roman historical records, called the Annales Maximi.

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