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  Androtion   - Athenian orator and historian, 3rd century B.C.
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Athen_13.585 in his speech against Androtion [ 22'56 ], mentions Sin
Philoch_20 is related in full by Androtion in the first book of
Philoch_47 uced from Philochorus and from Androtion, both in book 6.
Philoch_52 [346/5], are given by Androtion in his Atthis and by
Philoch_120 son of Pantaenetus; but Androtion disagrees, and says tha
Philoch_136 killed at that time, as Androtion and Philochorus say in
Philoch_147 & Hagnias: . . . Androtion, in book 5 of his Atthis, and
Philoch_150 allias were their generals, as Androtion and Philochorus
Philoch_157 events are described by Androtion, who also {spoke} at

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AnthPal_7.228 Anonymous & { H 44 } & Androtion built me for himself,

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