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  Anacreon   of Teos - a lyric poet, 6th century B.C.
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Aelian:NA_7.39   3. 28 ] . ** And Anacreon says of the hind ' Even as a
AnthPal_6.134   are all attributed to Anacreon Helicomas, she who holds
AnthPal_7.28   nymous & { F 35a } & On Anacreon O stranger, who pass thi
AnthPal_9.184   races of Sappho ; pen of Anacreon, and you, Stesichorus,
AnthPal_9.571   Persuasion attended on Anacreon, Lesbian Alcaeus sings
AnthPal_16.308   1 } & On a Statue of Anacreon Bacchus, you have betray
AntipSid_7.23   7.23] & { G-P 13 } & On Anacreon Let the four-clustered
AntipSid_7.26-30 *   by the simple tomb of Anacreon, if any profit came to
Apul:Flor_15   hymning his master's love in Anacreontic strain. But it is far
Athen_4.175   lyre called barbitos was of Anacreon. But since you are
Athen_11.460   than a thousand.'   And Anacreon has said: 'I have been
Athen_11.463   {8.}   And the graceful Anacreon says : ' I love
Athen_11.472   cup, citing the lines of Anacreon : "I have lunched on
Athen_11.475   in a kelebē."   Anacreon : "Then the handmaid,
Athen_11.498   he sailed away."   Likewise Anacreon also has the word with
Athen_11.782   top of it wine."   Anacreon : "Bring water, slave, bring
Athen_12.533   Pontus, in his essay on Anacreon, having quoted these lines -
Athen_12.540   was a rival in love of Anacreon the poet; and once, in
Athen_13.564   low. And what says Anacreon? & Oh, boy, as maiden fair,
Athen_13.598-600 *   the honey-voiced Anacreon contended for her [Sappho],
Athen_14.634   sweetest of poets, Anacreon, says somewhere or other -
Athen_14.635   not exist in the time of Anacreon (for instruments with
Athen_14.639   the compositions of Sappho and Anacreon. Moreover, the poe
Athen_14.646   and it is mentioned by Anacreon thus: - & I broke my
Athen_15.671-678 *   in the beautiful poet Anacreon. For that sweet minstrel
Athen_15.687   And the wise Anacreon says somewhere -
Athen_15.690   luxury. And so Anacreon uses the word
Athen_15.693   form of poetry, Alcaeus and Anacreon [694] as Aristophanes says in
Cic:Tusc_4.71   young men? and as for Anacreon's poetry, it is wholly on
DioscEpigr_7.31   { G-P 19 } & On Anacreon O Anacreon, delight of the Mus
Julian:Mis_337   are shown in red [337] Anacreon the poet composed many
Julian:Mis_366   black," as the poet of Teos [ Anacreon ] said. Enough of
LeonTar_16.306   31 } & On a Statue of Anacreon Look at old Anacreon,
LeonTar_16.307   the Same Look how old Anacreon stumbles from drunkennes
Lucian:Macr_10   historian [ 1.163 ] and Anacreon the song-writer, but som
Lucian:Macr_26   -seven years. [26] Anacreon, the lyric poet, lived eighty-
Meleager_4.1   He plaited in too Anacreon's sweet lyric song, and a bloo
Phylarch_14   arland of withes, mentioned by Anacreon. [15] & SCHOLIAST
Plin:HN_7.44   a raisin-stone like the poet Anacreon, or by a single hair
Plin:HN_7.154   nymphs. [154] The poet Anacreon attributes 150 years to
Poseidon_107   magadis, which is mentioned by Anacreon. [ - ] [284.K] &
Simonid_7.24   & { P 66 } & On Anacreon O vine who soothes all, nurse
Simonid_7.25   of Teos, his home, was Anacreon laid, the singer whom
ValMax_9.12e.8     This happened also to Anacreon, when he had outlived the

  Anacreon 2   - a Greek poet; author of a poem called "Phaenomena"
Vit:Arat_2 sus, Alexander Lycaites, Anacreon, Artemidorus and Hipparc

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