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  Ameinias   - an opponent of the Athenian tyrant Lachares
FGrH_257a.1 the son of Calliphon and Ameinias took refuge in the templ

  Ameinias 2   - a pirate chief, 3rd century B.C.
Polyaen_04.6.18 persuaded the famous pirate Ameinias to assist him. Ame

  Ameinias 3   - a philosopher, contemporary with Chrysippus, 3rd century B.C.
Diog_Laert_07.196 on the Disjunctive Reasons of Ameinias. The fourth set

  Ameinias 4   - archon of Delphi, (?) 258/7 B.C.
Syll_446 (c. 258/7)   the archon was Ameinias and the members of the cou

  Ameinias   - in documents
Syll_419 (270)   Delphians: Athambos, Ameinias Phokians: Pyles, Kap
Syll_552 (c. 213-203)   oys, namely: Ameinias, Pancharidas, Sotimos, Arc
Syll_674 (c. 140)   s, and Kriton son of Ameinias and Polykles son of P

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