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  Amazons   - a legendary race of female warriors, in Asia Minor
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324/32 Alexander meets some of the Amazons.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_185 In his reign, the Amazons burnt down the temple at Ephesu
Just_2.1 ttled the kingdom of the Amazons; so that to those who
Just_2.4 em; and hence they were called Amazons. 12 They had two
Just_12.3 Minithya, queen of the Amazons, came to meet him, having
Just_42.3 banians border the Amazons, whose queen Thalestris, as man
Polyaen_01.1.3 an alliance with them and the Amazons, and took them into
PsCallisth_3.19 the annual mysteries among the Amazons. The ruler of the
PsCallisth_3.25 way led to the country of the Amazons. And when he was

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