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  Allobroges   - a tribe in south-east Gaul
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  + Allobryges
218/34 Hannibal defeats the Allobroges.
122/10 The Allobroges aid the Salluvii, and attack the Aedui, who appeal to
121/9 Cn.Domitius defeats the Allobroges at the battle of Vindalium.
119/13 The triumph of Q.Fabius Maximus, over the Allobroges.
63/63 onspirators contact the envoys of the Allobroges through P.Umbrenus.
63/70 The envoys of the Allobroges are arrested on the Milvian bridge, alon
63/71 The Allobroges appear before the senate; Lentulus resigns from his
63/72 senate gives rewards to the Allobroges for their help; L.Tarquinius
61/21 ats Catugnatus, the leader of the Allobroges, and captures Solonium.
54/45 Pomptinus, for his victory over the Allobroges seven years earlier.
52/50 attacks Caesar in the territory of the Allobroges, but is defeated.
    Within translations:
Apollod:Fr_80   [STEPHANUS Byz.] Allobryges: a very powerful Gallic trib
FastTr_p106   proconsul, & over the Allobroges and Bituitus, king of
FastTr_p108   propraetor, & over the Allobroges, (?) 4 non.Nov.] (2nd
Obseq_32   of Etna. The Sallyes and Allobroges were defeated.
Oros_5.13   Domitius also defeated the Allobrogian Gauls in a severe
Plin:HN_3.34   and after them the Allobroges. On the coast is
Plin:HN_3.36   Vienna in that of the Allobroges. The towns with Latin rights
Plin:HN_7.166   against the tribes of the Allobroges and Arverni on the river
ValMax_9.6.3   his own people and the Allobroges, while Domitius was in the

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