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  Alexandra   Salome - queen of the Jews, 76-67 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
76/19 lexander Jannaeus; his widow Alexandra takes over as queen of Judaea.
76/20 Alexandra appoints her elder son Hyrcanus to be high priest.
70/22 nfluence during the reign of Alexandra, despite the opposition of her
67/19 Aristobulus leads a rebellion against his mother Alexandra.
67/29 Alexandra's autocratic style makes her unpopular with her subjects.
67/30 The death of Alexandra, queen of the Jews; she appoints her elder son
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_453   the son of Alexander and Alexandra Salina, and appointed
Euseb]:Chron_129   ter him, his widow Alexandra, also called Sallina, [was
ExcBarb_47B   king was Salinai and his wife Alexandra. After him, there
Hieron:Chron_1941   176.1 * . [1941] Alexandra became queen of the Jews, for
Hieron:Chron_1950   Hyrcanus, the sons of Alexandra, fought against each
Joseph:AJ_13.320   the Greeks, was called Alexandra, let his brethren out
Joseph:AJ_13.405   [16.] & [405] So Alexandra, when she had taken the fortr
Joseph:AJ_13.407   but committed the kingdom to Alexandra. Now, as to these
Joseph:AJ_13.417   age fitter for it." So Alexandra, not knowing what to
Joseph:AJ_13.432   this is the conclusion of the affairs of Alexandra.
Joseph:AJ_14.1   ted the affairs of queen Alexandra, and her death, in the
Joseph:AJ_15.179   beginning of his mother Alexandra's reign, who held the
Joseph:AJ_20.242   and permitted his wife Alexandra to appoint him that sho
Joseph:BJ_1.107   nder left the kingdom to Alexandra his wife, and depended
Joseph:BJ_1.111   urately. [111] Now Alexandra hearkened to them to an extra
Joseph:BJ_1.113   They also prevailed with Alexandra to put to death the res

  Alexandra 2   - daughter of Aristobulus II, king of the Jews
Joseph:AJ_14.126 which, whose name was Alexandra, Philippion fell in lov
Joseph:BJ_01.186 ried her, whose name was Alexandra; on the account of whic

  Alexandra 3   - daughter of Hyrcanus II, king of the Jews
35/2 ius visits Judaea, and meets Alexandra, the mother-in-law of Herodes.
35/11 Alexandra complains to Cleopatra about the behaviour of Herodes.
35/13 high priest Aristobulus, the son of Alexandra, is killed by Herodes.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_15.23   [23] However, Alexandra, the daughter of Hyrcanus, and
Joseph:AJ_15.25   open in his commendations of Alexandra, as the mother of most
Joseph:AJ_15.31   permit the boy or Alexandra to be treated dishonourably;
Joseph:AJ_15.42   another, but thought that, as Alexandra had already made attempts at
Joseph:AJ_15.53   feasting at Jericho with Alexandra, who entertained them there,
Joseph:AJ_15.58   was slain. [58]   But Alexandra was more deeply affected, upon
Joseph:AJ_15.62   such things could overcome Alexandra's grief; but the remembrance
Joseph:AJ_15.69   and when the women, especially Alexandra, used to turn his words
Joseph:AJ_15.72   [72]   upon which Alexandra endeavoured to persuade Joseph
Joseph:AJ_15.80   mother informed him of Alexandra's intentions. [81] Salome also
Joseph:AJ_15.166   brought him: [166]   but Alexandra [his daughter] was a lover
Joseph:AJ_15.183   he had a suspicion of Alexandra, lest she should take this
Joseph:AJ_15.185   placed her at Alexandreium, with Alexandra her mother, and left his
Joseph:AJ_15.202   wife Mariamme and her mother Alexandra very uneasy; [203] for as
Joseph:AJ_15.232   [232]   When Alexandra observed how things went, and
Joseph:AJ_15.247   [247] Now Alexandra resided at this time at
Joseph:BJ_1.262   brother was seized; and Alexandra, the shrewdest woman

  Alexandra 4   - the title of a poem by the Greek poet Lycophron
272/9 Lycoph_, the "Alexandra" of Lycophron.
Lycophron,- LYCOPHRON, Alexandra
    Within translations:
Vit:Theoc_2 Lycophron, who wrote the Alexandra There is an epigram att

  Alexandra   - in documents
SelPap_1.131 ations to Aia and Eutychia and Alexandra. Xanthilla sa

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