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  Aemilianus   (M. Aemilius Aemilianus) - Roman emperor for a few months, 253 A.D.
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Athen_9.405   [405] And to all this Aemilianus makes answer- & My fri
ExcBarb_48B   years - cons. 7 Aemilianus, Valerianus and Galerianus,
Oros_7.21   war against the pretender Aemilianus. The latter, however, perished

  Aemilianus 2   Strabo - Roman consul, 156 A.D.
Apul:Flor_16 lted character and position of Aemilianus Strabo. I hope

  Aemilianus 3   Maurus - one of the speakers in the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus
Athen_14.634 And when, after this, Aemilianus said, - "But, my good
Athen_14.662 emidorus relating to it, Aemilianus said that a book had

Aemilianussee Maximus8

Aemilianussee Scipio21

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