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  Aegean   - sea to the east of Greece
Wikipedia entry
226/3 roken by an earthquake which devastates various parts of the Aegean.
168/7 edonian fleet sails into the Aegean, and surprises a convoy of Pergam
88/54 and Menophanes capture Delos and other islands in the Aegean Sea.
85/29 inhabitants of Asia and the Aegean suffer from increasing attacks
69/5 rous other pirate raids on the islands and coasts of the Aegean Sea.
    Within translations:
Athen_05.209 from the sea & Where the Aegean wave entwined foams & Amid
Athen_13.559 Of the deep Libyan or Aegean sea & Scarce three of thir
Malal_221 Pontic [Euxine] sea and the Asian [Aegean] sea. After
Memn_29 near Tenedos and in the Aegean, and he did not think that
Plut:Demetr_53 near the Isles of the Aegean Sea, he took the urn, whic
Poseidon_88 an island arose in the Aegean Sea, in the tradition of

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