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  Acharnae   - the largest deme (district) in Attica, Greece
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  + Acharnian , Acharnians
AnthPal_6.279   these tresses the ivy of Acharnae & may ever rest on his
AnthPal_7.21   locks the curving ivy of Acharnae often crowned in the orc
AntipThes_9.186   over which the ivy of Acharnae shook in profusion its
Athen_6.234   hat the parasites of the Acharnians shall sacrifice to Apo
Athen_6.235   hat the parasites of the Acharnians shall give a sixth par
DiogLaert_7.12   Anaphlystos, Medon of Acharnae, Smicythus of Sypalettus
Julian:Mis_350   her to be half of you an Acharnian and altogether an unple
Philoch_56   ars. "Lysimachides of the deme Acharnae. Under this archon
Philoch_123   And he says in the Acharnians [ 266 ], "In the sixth year,
Philoch_144   ear of] the archon Suniades of Acharnae [397/6] . . . he
Plut:Mor_843   son of Deinocrates the Acharnian, to whom she bare Lycop
SEG_28.60   (270/69)   which Athenodoros of Acharnai the son of Gorgippos
SEG_43.26.A   (315/4) d has surrendered to the Acharnians the money remaining in h
SEG_43.26.B   (315/4) is resolved by the Acharnians to praise the demarch Oinophil
Syll_334   (306/5)   tany: Epikrates of Acharnai, son of Hippokles Pu
Syll_346   (302/1)   embly; Epikrates of Acharnai, the son of Diokles,
Syll_388   (266/5)   idyllos Kallippos of Acharnai, the son of Hippothe
Syll_409   (c. 255/4)   hares of Sphettos, Menon of Acharnai and Straton of
Syll_542   (228/7-212/1)   eus:] Olympiodoros of Acharnai polemarch:] Eupol
Syll_657   (155/4)   Aristomenes of Acharnai, the son of Theoxenos &{1
Syll_697.E   (128/7) e hoplites   Theophrastos of Acharnai, the son of Herakleit
THI_23   (late 2nd cent.)   akleitos, of the deme Acharnai, former superinten

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