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  Abydus   - a town of the Troad, on the eastern coast of the Hellespont
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
  + Abydenes
200/15 Philippus captures Abydus.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_11   pay them when he reached Abydus, or let them have, if not
Athen_5.209   it. & Which between Sestus and Abydus foams. & A deftly
Athen_12.524   And the people of Abydus ( and Abydus is a
Athen_12.525     Preferred Abydus on the Hellespont :
Athen_12.534   to the Hellespont, married at Abydus, both of them marrying one
Athen_13.572   pi;όρ&η) at Abydus, as Pamphylus asserts:-
Athen_13.574   love with Medontis of Abydus, from the mere report of
Athen_13.586   mic Poets, that she was called Abydus, because she was an
Athen_14.641   'The epiphorēma of Abydus,' that is a kind of tax
FGrH_252.B   after bridging it near Abydus; and Themistocles defeated
Just_2.13   the sea, he had made at Abydus; so that, his retreat bein
OGIS_444   (77) from Abydos :   Apollōniketes son of
Polyaen_1.37.1   Cleon betrayed Sestus to the Abydenes without risking
Polyaen_2.24.1   with a large fleet at Abydus, he found that the Athenia
Polyaen_3.9.44   ile Iphicrates was at war with Abydus, he halted at Cherro
Polyaen_7.15.3   Xerxes lay at anchor at Abydus, waiting to intercept the
SEG_53.1373   (late 3rd century)   on of Menestratos Lysias of Abydos, the son of . .
Syll_341   (303/2)   achos: since Nikon of Abydos has at all times conti
Syll_424   (256/5 or 254/3)   , comedy: Dromares of Abydos, the son of Teisamen
THI_215   (62 A.D.)   p; Lampsacus,   [Abydus,   Dardanus,

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