Our knowledge of Jewish history in the last three centuries B.C relies heavily on Josephus. His account of the period is contained in two different works - the Jewish War, which starts with a summary of Jewish history from the Maccabean revolt onwards, and the Jewish Antiquities, a longer history of the Jewish nation starting from the earliest times. Even when Josephus wrote, at the end of the first century A.D., the quality of the information available to him was variable - he can only give a patchy account of the third century B.C., whereas the sections dealing with the reign of Herod are vivid and detailed - but overall, he is our most important guide to the periods of early Jewish history that are not covered by the Bible.

Only the sections directly concerned with the history of the last three centuries B.C. have been copied here. They are in the old translation by William Whiston, which can be found in many other places on the web (see for instance A few spellings and phrases have been updated to make them easier to understand.

Book 1   1-119   168-67 B.C.
  120-235     67-43 B.C.
  236-363   43-37 B.C.
  364-444   37-20 B.C.
Book 12     1-153   311-198 B.C.
  154-286   195-165 B.C.
  287-434   165-160 B.C.
Book 13   1-130   160-145 B.C.
  131-269   145-123 B.C.
  270-432   113-67 B.C.
Book 14   1-155   66-49 B.C.
  156-323   47-41 B.C.
  324-491   41-37 B.C.
Book 20   224-251   a list of high priests

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