Ancient Egyptian Texts:  7.15


Text:   O.Ashm.Dem. 28 
Date:   7 B.C.
Language:   Demotic
Translated by:   A. Winkler
Format:   see key to translations

This is one of the few documents from ancient Egypt that refer to the sale or lease of vehicles; because it is unusual, the meaning of some of the technical terms remains unclear.   The translation is taken from the commentary by A. Winkler, "Dealing about Wheeling in Augustan Thebes" ( PDF ).


O.1 Psenapis, son of Psenamounis, is the one who speaks to Abos the elder, son of Pikos:   You have given to me your wagon for its harnessing, while it has two wheels, its pole, its floor (?), its 3 middle parts, its wagon box (?), its bolts, its body wood, its capitals, its 5 mountings (?), and every piece of wagon equipment. I shall give to you for its harnessing 7 artabas of wheat, its half makes 3½ artabas of wheat, still making 7 artabas of wheat at the rate of 12½ maje-measures to the artaba with the maje-measure of Tapoeris, daughter of Pikos, son of Satabous, being pure and without adulteration and chaff, while it is carried and delivered, and I will not be able to give it the cart away for a charge, will not be able to allow another man to take possession of it, and I will not be able to cause it to carry out any 10 work besides the farm labour of the collection of the harvest. As for the other driving which happens, Abos may cause it to stop.

R.1 The remainder which gets spoiled through it, Psenapis shall replace it himself. The tlḫ, which gets lost on its part, I shall replace its damage. That which is lost, I shall replace it alone and I shall work in the outer region from regnal year 23, 5 month 4 of the Winter Season {Pharmuti}, day l, until I have finished my farm labour.

Written in regnal year 23 of Caesar, month 3 of the winter season {Pamenoth}, day 18.

Written by Teos, son of Peteamenophis, at the request of the two men aforementioned

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