Ancient Egyptian Texts:  1.3


Text:   BM EA 10252   [ TM 57226 ]
Date:   307/6 B.C.
Language:   Hieratic
Translated by:   S. Schott
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Ritual for causing the downfall of Seth and his followers which is performed in the temple of Osiris, foremost of the Westerners, the great god, lord of Abydos on all days, as well as in all temples.

Instruction for the ritual performance

One shall bring a figure of Seth of red wax on the chest of which is engraved his name, as follows: Seth the abominable.
Furthermore draw him (Seth) on a new sheet of papyrus with fresh ink, or (bring a figure made of) acacia wood or
Tie (the figure of Seth) with a sinew of a red cow; speak words over it.
[Spit on it] four times; speak words over it.
Stamp on it with the left foot, speak words over it.
Hit it with
the spear; speak words over it.
Cut it
with the knife; speak words over it.
Put it in the fire; speak words over it.
When it is in the fire spit on it again many times; speak words over it.

Seth is defeated in the quarrel over the inheritance of Osiris

1. His bad character  
- Red coloured text is coloured thus in the extant document as well, green colour was added by me to mark passages for which there is an annotation.
-Ritual for causing ...: Writing in red ink (rubrum) was used for emphasis, separation and/or distinction.
-Seth and his followers: By the first millennium Seth had become almost wholly evil, and there were many ceremonies for containing the eternal rebel against the world order.
[Image: First strike against Seth]
First strike against Seth: Horus of Behdet and Horus of Mesen attack (seemingly simultaneously) Seth in the shape of a hippo.
After H. W. Fairman, The Triumph of Horus London, 1974

-foremost of the Westerners: "Westerners" were the dead - buried often on the western bank of the Nile, Osiris was their lord.
-wax: for the making of figurines which were to be destroyed ritually wax (destruction by fire) and unburned clay (crumbling) were used. (cf. Ancient Egyptian Magic)
[Recite:] Back! Rebel of abominable character, whose step has been impeded by Re, who (already) fought in (his mother's) womb,
who did evil, who stepped outside the (prescribed) path,
who fell down because of his slaughter,
who loved the fight, who enjoyed quarrel,
who covered his face against him who is older than him,
who created evil, who caused grief
in enmity to the father of his fathers,
who avoids laws, who uses force,
who stands there as archer (?),
robber, lord of the lie, ruler of deceit,
leader of criminals,
who rejoices over (treacherous) abandonment, who hates friendship,
whose heart is haughty among the gods,
who sows enmity, who creates destruction,
the evil one who incites rebellion,
lord of robbery who rejoices in greed,
lord of theft, who creates rapine,
who causes grief and creates wounds,
who devises rebellion out of evil.

2. Seth's evil is reported to the gods
-Rebel of abominable character...: Seth had very few good qualities according to this list. At the bottom of his evil reputation was the power struggle against his brother Osiris for primacy.
Seth seems to have originated in Upper Egypt. In the Contendings of Horus and Seth Geb tells Seth: "Go to the place in which you were born." Seth: "Upper Egypt". After Geb's decision that Horus should inherit the whole of Egypt, Seth became ruler of the desert and the foreign countries where the rule of Maat did not hold.

He was admired for his physical power and the only one to be able to help Re overcome the snake Apophis on his nightly journey through the underworld. Thutmose at the battle of Megiddo was described thus: Amun protecting his person (in) the melee, and the strength of [Seth pervading] his limbs... and Ramses II at Kadesh: Taking up weapons and donning his armor he was like Seth in the moment of his power.
Your crime has been put before Re,
the damage you have caused has been reported to the great god
The great Ennead discusses it (during the trial).
Thoth is sitting in judgment.
They make public the grief you have caused.
They report the injury you have committed.
They deliver you to the devourer.

3. Geb makes inquiries concerning the quarrel of his children
Geb speaks to the gods,
he asks after those who emerged from him:
"Why are the children of Geb fighting,
so that the earth between them is quarrelling?"
-before Re: In the Contendings of Horus and Seth Re is rather sympathetic to Seth's cause.
-Ennead: pesedjet, the (nine) main deities of a locality. As the group of three triads it embodied all the primeval powers of the cosmos.
The Heliopolitan Ennead was made up of Atem, the creator, his children Shu and Tefnut, his grandchildren Geb and Nut and the couples of Isis and Osiris and of Seth and Nepthis.
-Thoth: According to one myth Thoth emerged from Seth's head after the latter had swallowed Horus' semen. He was god of writing, protector of Osiris, helper of the deceased.
-devourer: Ammit, demon in the shape of a chimaera, devoured the hearts of the dead who had been found not to be blameless.

4. Thoth pleads the case of Horus
The lord of Hermopolis transmits the words of the son of Isis
of the son, avenger of his father, who is present as the accuser;
in order to please the heart of Osiris,
by (warding off) every attack of Seth against him.

5. Geb appoints Horus as heir
-Hermopolis: Hermopolis was the cult centre of Thoth.
Then Geb said:
"Behold, I am giving the inheritance to the son of the inheritor,
to the son of my son, of the
Opener of the Body, wp-wAwt,
as Re-Atum has done to the son,
the eldest (son) of the Supreme Lord,
as Shu has given to me. Just as I have done as well.
Behold, I am giving all my things to the son of Osiris, Hor, son of Isis,
the child of Chemmis, the first of Houses.
He is the heir, son of the heir.

6. Horus receives the deed of inheritance
-the inheritor: Osiris
-Opener of the Body, wp-wAwt: Wepwawet, Upuaut or the like, Canine deity, Opener of the Way, leader of the royal and funerary procession, guard of the dead.
-child of Chemmis: After the murder of Osiris, Isis hid her son Horus in the Delta at Chemmis. Seth found them and poisoned Horus. Isis complained to Re: The babe of Chemmis, the infant of the House of the Prince, Horus has been bitten! Thoth healed the child with a spell: Back, O Poison! You are exorcised by the spell of Re himself. It is the speech of the Greatest God which turns you away!
Then the possessor of Geb's throne ruled over the banks
in the kingdom of
tA-Tnn. The great Isdn writes it down,
(the goddess)
sSA.t makes the testament.
Horus stands there
mks in his hand, the testament of his father on him.

7. Horus is crowned king of all Egypt
Then he was crowned with
the white crown as king of Upper Egypt, the red crown as king of Lower Egypt,
united as double crown on his head as king of Upper and Lower Egypt.

8. The solemn procession at the commencement of his reign
-Tatenen: god symbolizing the fertile land emerging after inundation. The Hymn to Ptah praises him as creator: Hail to thee, thou who art great and old, Ta-tenen, father of the gods, the great god from the first primordial time who fashioned mankind and made the gods, who began evolution in primordial times, first one after whom everything that appeared developed, he who made the sky as something that his heart has created, who raised it by the fact that Shu supported it, who founded the earth through that which he himself had made, who surrounded it with Nun [and] the sea, who made the nether world [and] gratified the dead, who causes Re to travel [thither] in order to resuscitate them as lord of eternity and lord of boundlessness.
The great Ennead rejoiced and shouted with joy at him.
The souls of Buto and Hierakonpolis are carrying him.
Thoth is following him as the god who performs the (service of) vizier,
The Opener of the Way is opening the way for him,
while he (i.e. Horus) is kind to him who cares for him,
the most beloved, lord of attractiveness,
who has made himself the ruler, by the grief which was caused him.

9. Seth is driven out of Egypt
They are expelling (you, who) is of evil disposition
and throw you in your badness into the land of the Asiatics.
Egypt, loyal to Horus, organized your slaughter;
your grief is repeated. They deliver you to the Devourer.

Re in the sky perceives the victory of Horus and the defeat of Seth

1. The gods in the sun bark rejoice
-Opener of the Way: Wepwawet, see above
-They are expelling you...They deliver you to the Devourer: The parallel drawn between being expelled from Egypt and being delivered to the Devourer is interesting. Egyptians saw a life (even after death) outside of their own country as a calamity and went at times to great lengths to prevent it. Pepi-nakht was sent by Pepi II to the country of the Asiatics to bring for him the sole companion, [commander (?)] of the sailors, the caravan-conductor Enenkhet, who was building a ship there for Punt, when the Asiatics belonging to the Sand-dwellers slew him.

Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part One, §360
The sixth dynasty nomarch Sebni went to Nubia to return the body of his father who had died there.
In the Tale of Sinuhe the protagonist leaves all he has accumulated among the Asiatics in order to end his days at home, and the serpent lord of the desert island promised the shipwrecked sailor: 'Behold you shall come to your country in two months, you shall press to your bosom your children, and you shall rest in your tomb.'
Back, rebel of despicable character!
Loathing of Re, loathing of the gods!
He (i.e. Re) sees the henchmen put their hands on you,
Akr is grasping you.
The ship is (sailing) before favourable wind,
after it had passed by the sandbanks;
its crew shouts with joy, rejoices.
The faces of the great Ennead are bright,
the uraei rejoice.

2. Rejoicing rules the cities of Horus
-The ship: Re's solar ship
-bright: happy
-uraei: the protective serpent goddesses of Egypt
They justify Osiris, First of the Westerners, wn nfr
against the miserable Seth, son of Nut, and his followers. Heliopolis rejoices, Thebes shouts with joy,
Memphis is in joy.
Busiris and Abydos are renewed,
Herakleopolis is in glee,
n-Arf stands firm
Hnb protects what is in it,
his arms are strong, to cause the fall of the rebel,
he has fetched the head of him, the unsuccessful.

Horus has imbued the rebel with fear.
Siut is in joy, (its) sanctuary is renewed,
the Opener of the Way of Upper Egypt and the Opener of the Way of Lower Egypt
are high on their standards
while the (two) uraei are protecting them,
they are Horus and Isis at the places of their justification.

Terror reigns in the nomes of Seth
-wn nfr: name for Osiris.
They see Seth as he is fallen
bereft of the land in all his places,
sw laments, wns is in mourning
lament sounds through Oxyrynchus.
The great oasis and the oasis of
dsds lament,
their interior is troubled.
Cynopolis laments, its master is not inside it.
Hypselis is a deserted place, Ombos has been torn down,
their houses are destroyed, all their inhabitants are no (more).
Their lord is no (more); no (more) is he who planned rebellion,
as he has fallen into his captivity.
Slaughter is committed on the body of that one, the unsuccessful one,
prepared is his corpse for the Devourer.

Seth invades Egypt again

1. Appeal to the sun god
-Slaughter is committed on the body: The ancient Egyptians did not treat fallen or defeated enemies with much respect. (Cf. the behaviour of the army after victory)
Re-Harakhte, sole lord, who has no equal,
who gives orders, obeying whose pronouncements one acts,
whose utterances (that which came out of his mouth) one cannot make ineffective.
Remember what you ordered in order to issue a decree,
so that you will guide the steps of the people, the plans of the gods,
the thought of the king in his palace.
to the writing which Thoth put down following the order of the Lord of the Universe,
to give Egypt to Horus, the desert to Seth,
when they divided the lands among themselves.
(You) who hates rapine, who loves the truth,
who places the son on the throne of his father.

2. Seth has returned
Behold, Seth the wretched, is on his way back.
He has returned, in order to rob with his hand
he thinks of seizing violently
as if he were as he used to be
when destroying the sites
when tearing down their temples,
when uttering screams in the sanctuaries.
He has inflicted grief, he has repeated hurt,
he has caused ..... to come into being again.
-to give Egypt to Horus, the desert to Seth: according to the satirical Contendings it was apparently not Re who made Horus ruler
-Seth the wretched, is on his way back: Evil never really surrenders. In the Contendings Seth only agreed to accept the right of Horus to his inheritance after he had been physically coerced:
Isis brought Seth restrained with manacles, as a prisoner. Said Atum to him: "Why do you not allow yourselves to be judged but (instead) usurp for yourself the office of Horus?"
Said Seth to him: "On the contrary, my good lord. Let Horus, son of Isis, be summoned and be awarded the office of his father Osiris."

3. Seth's misdeeds in the sites of Egypt
He has brought your grief to the Tnn.t,
he has devised rebellion in Memphis.
Behold, he forces his way into the Serapeum,
he has introduced hurt into the House of the Hippopotamus.
He has cut wood in
he has caught fish in the Lake of Moeris.
He has hunted game, he has caught birds
in the temple (district) of the First of Houses.
He has run quickly in
h.t wab.t,
he has uttered screams before the Ennead.
He has devised combat, he has uttered roars,
before the gods of
He has again inflicted a great deal of grief
on the bank of This.
He has uttered screams in Busiris
The town and nome of Mendes are as in illness.
He has approached the House of Souls,
he was violent within its walls.
He has fetched wood from Sais, (the town) of Neith.
He has created evil in the House of Embalmment.
He has brought ..... into being on the grave ...... in Babylon.
He has brought Atum's disgust to the temple of the Ennead.
He has devised mischief, he has uttered screaming
in the temple of the great Amun in the grave.
He has remembered fight, he has created conflagration (?)
in the Temple of the Soul of the East.


-Serapeum: the temple of Osiris-Apis (Serapis). The bull deity Apis was introduced into the Egyptian pantheon under Ptolemy I.
He has approached h.t nbs he has entered w-Sn,
He has committed sacrilege against the splendid space of
ius-aAs with the acacia tree, in which death and life are (decided).
He has thought of eating the
before the faces of Mut and Bastis.
Behold, he has eaten the
on the site of the soul of Osiris.
He has entered (illegally) the land of the goddess of the West
before the countenance of Re in the sky.
He has eaten of the (holy) ram
in the temple of the great Amun.
He has grasped the
before the countenance of the he-goat at Mendes.
He has organized a slaughter of the people at Busiris
before the countenance of
wn-nfr, the justified.
He has eaten of the
Abdw-fish, he has eaten of the aDw-fish
in the great hall of Heliopolis.
He has cut off supplies, he has [robbed the victims]
[in front of the palace of the sole lord, whose equal does not exist]
[so that wailing reigned in (both) his houses to all gods,]
[and the sacrifices are not offered at the appointed times.]
He has captured the hawk] and the
itn-fish .....
before the countenance of Shu and Tefnut.
Behold, he has fettered the Apis bull
before the countenance of him who has made what there is.
He has caused the milk of the cow "which remembers Horus" to dry up,
he has knocked down the
Htm.t-cow, the mother of god.
He has cut off the supply on the lake of the
he dried out (?) the lake of the
He hatched the plan to become a robber,
he devised to raise himself.
Grief reigns up to the place where he is,
revolution is contained in what you have ordered.

4. Isis calls out to the gods
-acacia tree: the ished-tree was generally considered the tree of life. It has not been identified botanically.
[Image: Ished tree]
Ished tree
-wn-nfr: Osiris
Then Isis sent her voice to the sky,
and her words reached
"Pay attention to me, lord of the gods!
Behold, one commits outrages against what you order.
I am Isis, the daughter of your daughter.
Behold, I have been dislodged from my possessions.
The evil one has reverted to his manner.
Grief is great up to the place where he abides.
He has devised to grasp violently.
He does not know (anymore) fear of your majesty.
He approaches Egypt without you knowing it,
and (yet) he has not been ordered to do so!"

5. The horror of the gods
The gods put their hands on their heads, on their heads.
The [great Ennead] is silent, is silent,
after hearing the calls of Isis,
the complaint of the great sorceress.

6. Thoth reports to Re
Thoth speaks on behalf of the gods
he transmits the words to the great god.

7. Re renews the banishment of Seth from Egypt
Then spoke his majesty:
Seth shall not stay in Egypt,
as he has not been ordered (to do) so.
You rule the desert, O
nbd ! But he shall not be in Egypt.
Behold, Egypt belongs to Horus eternally,
Egypt is in his hand forever
according to the order which I issued once.

8. Thoth makes known the curse of Re
Then spoke Thoth:
"You curse him with your own mouth. You are his lord."
The great god has cursed him with his own mouth,
Thoth has cursed him with his charms,
The one rich in magic with her spells.
-The one rich in magic: Isis

Protective magic against Seth

1. The gods curse him
Back! (You) that miserable rebel!
of Nut and his supporters!
who has turned to strife, who has returned in order to rage,
who has laughed at him who has been placed above him.
Re himself curses you,
You fall through the fire of his flame.
Thoth curses you with his charms.
He has turned against you what you have done.
Isis, rich in magic, has hit you.
She has burned you with her spells.

2. The curse
You shall not be! Your name shall not be!
Your grasp shall not be! Your plan shall not come to fruition!
Your power shall not be! That which you have planned shall have power over you!
You shall not approach Egypt!
You shall die in the circle of foreign lands!
You shall not penetrate to the (two) banks of Horus,
as this is the portion given him (Horus)!
[You] have been delivered to the foreign lands. Loathing of Re, disgust of the great god!
-banks: the banks of the Nile. Egypt was the land of the black earth, which was made fertile by the inundations of the Nile. The desert red lands were not considered Egypt proper.

3. Seth is banned
They perceive negligence, the gods of the court of justice.
The gods of
ismt fell you.
The gods in
idnw treat you (as an enemy).
They reproach you with your deeds.
Your evil against you, rebel!
Your sins against you!

4. Osiris is justified
Osiris, foremost of the Westerners,
the great god, lord of Abydos, is justified.
His son Horus is king here,
Upper Egypt is in his hand. Lower Egypt follows him.
The banks of Horus belong to him as his portion.
They have expelled you (Seth) to the foreign lands.
The great gods guard you.
You shall not come, you shall not descend to Egypt
according to the order of Re's majesty.

5. Protective magic for Egypt
If you come from the south
this god fends you off, lord of fear, great of terror,
Khnum-Re, lord of the cataract.
His beloved son, lord of eternity, Shu,
Hrj idb,
stands above Elephantine, in order to ward off the rebel of Egypt.
The great Satis in her flame is against you,
she burns your body with her fire.
If you come from the north
the gods of the north fend you off.
The great Amun grasps you,
he of the sublime shape in
Mut is against you, being angry because of her son,
burning because of him who emerged from her.
If you come from the west,
[the gods of the west] ward you off,
the great (god)
hA, lord of the west, Sopdu, lord of the east, in both holy places,
the great god, the foremost of Apollinopolis.
If you come from the east
then [the gods of the east] ward you off,
Sopdu, lord of the east, the great god,
who vanquishes the foreign lands and crushes the Asiatics,
soul of the east, Horus of the east,
king, lord of justification,
he has made you into one who is not.
The great
xns.t grasps you,
her flame has power over your body.
The magnificent youth, who came from the east, is against you;
Horus, lord of the head cloth, foremost of
Magic has a tendency to become very specific, as its practitioners apparently hope to make it more effective this way. This protection spell specifies the four directions the country can be invaded in and the gods responsible for protecting that border.
-Satis: Since the Middle Kingdom Lady of Elephantine. Consort of Khnum. When Khnum was identified with Re as Khnum-Re she became also the Eye of Re.
-Mut: Consort of Amen, mother of the moon god Khons. Mut became the Eye of Re when Amen merged with Re. Since the late New Kingdom she was Mother of the Sun.
-Sopdu: god of the frontier, merged with Horus during the Middle Kingdom and was named Har-Sopdu during the New Kingdom.

6. Seth in eternal damnation
You shall not come!
(as) you shall not be! Your soul shall not be! Your name shall not be!
Your mummy (?) shall not be! Your power shall not be!
Horus will always have power over you.
Your fetters shall be renewed eternally.
-Your name: A being was made up of a number of entities, which were all critical to the eternal survival. (Cf. Body and Soul)

7. Praise of the situation and justification
Behold, Osiris, the king (itj), is king (njsw.t) of the banks.
His son Horus remains on his throne.
The kingdom of Horus lasts forever.
The rule of Horus lasts eternally.
The heart of his mother Isis is glad.
The great Ennead rejoices over it.
The lord of the universe remains in his
, the justified is ruler of the living.
Justified is Osiris, foremost of the Westerners, the great god, lord of Abydos,
against [that] wretched Seth, son of Nut,
and his followers. (Repeat) four times.
Justified is the great Isis, mother of the god,
against [that] wretched Seth and his followers. (Repeat) four times.
Justified is Horus, avenger of his father,
son of Isis, son of Osiris
against [that] wretched Seth and his followers. (Repeat) four times.
Justified is Osiris N.N.
against his enemies. (Repeat) four times.
-Ax.t: (akhet), the horizon, home of the sun god. Re as rising sun was referred to as Re-Harakhte.
-wn-nfr: (Wennefer) Osiris
-(Repeat) four times: another device to make magic more effective.

Ritual actions

1. Description of the figurine of Seth
Speak the (preceding) words over a figurine of Seth as a prisoner of war
which has been made of red wax
on whose chest his name has been carved
as follows: "That wretched Seth."
and one shall draw him with fresh paint
on a new sheet of papyrus
or (a figurine of) acacia wood or
on the chest of which his name is carved likewise
(as follows:) "Ass"
-his name: more important than other visual clues for identifying the depicted with his image was the name carved into statues and figures.
-ass: the much maligned donkey was identified with Seth, perhaps because of its waywardness.

2. The tying up
Tie up (the figurine) with the sinew of a red cow.

Calling upon the assistants

Fetter, fetter, you at the ropes!
Grasp, grasp, you at your lines!
Your fetters shall be on that wretched enemy!
on Seth, the son of Nut, and his following,
who committed evil, who repeated grief
who devised rebellion out of evil.
The oldest of body did not escape him,
who was destined to become ruler, before he emerged onto the earth.
He laughed at the order of the Lord of All
and at the utterances of him who has made what is.
He has devised evil before he emerged from his mother's womb,
he who caused strife before his name came into being.
Let the evil come into being for him who has created it,
and damage to him who got involved with it.

Appeal to Osiris

Come Osiris, lord of Busiris,
Foremost of Westerners, lord of Abydos,
and behold this beauty on this day.
The king has felled your enemy for you,
Has brought you the wretched Seth in fetters,
put on his arms, thrown on his feet.

Seth is fettered

The holy eye is equipped with all its parts for its master,
The wretched Seth is fettered and tied beneath the fingers of the Horus of

3. The spitting
Spit on it (the figurine), four times. Say:

Triumph of Osiris over Seth

You are ruined, wretched Seth with your following. 4 times
This is for Osiris, the foremost of Westerners and his
His enemy is fallen.
This is for [the reigning king] and his
His enemy is fallen.
Osiris, the foremost of Westerners, has come as a strong one,
his arm is powerful against his enemies.
[Osiris, foremost of Westerners, has come jubilating,]
[[in mourning is the enemy], who had planned (evil) against him.]
[Osiris, the foremost of Westerners, has come as king],
[[wretched Seth], Osiris, the foremost of Westerners, has felled you.]

Prayer of the reigning king to Osiris

Come to [the reigning king]
and destroy for him all his enemies in death and in life,
as he has brought about the fall of the wretched Seth for you
[as for you he] has destroyed his following.
He praises your son Horus,
his arm is powerful against the rebels.


Justified is Osiris, the foremost of Westerners
against the wretched Seth and his following. (Say) four times.
Justified is [the reigning king]
against his enemies. (Say) four times.

4. Treading on the figurine
Tread on it (the figurine) with the left foot.Say:

May Osiris rise and Seth fall

Rise, Osiris, foremost of the Westerners,
destroyed are all your enemies.
[The reigning king] has trodden (xnd) on the wretched Seth.
He has trodden on the following of the evil one (dgAs).
Fall on your face, wretched Seth!

Your following has been lain at your side.

Osiris treads on his enemies

Osiris, the foremost of the Westerners, rises up against his enemies.
He has trodden on the heads of his enemies (xrjw).
They shall not escape, they shall not flee
from under the feet of the Horus of

5. The stabbing
Hit it (the figurine) with the spear. Say:

Horus stabs the enemies

Horus has received his spear of bronze.
[Horus has beaten all the enemies of Osiris, the foremost of the Westerners.]
[Horus has beaten all the enemies of the king.]
[Horus rejoices, after he has received his spear of bronze,]
after he has beaten the heads of the rebels with the spear.

May Osiris rise

Rise Osiris, foremost of the Westerners!
Destroyed are all your enemies.
He slaughter has been made
of the wretched Seth.
The following of
nhs is fallen

The praise of Osiris

Come Osiris, foremost of the Westerners [in your splendour]!
They glorify you (already), they who are in their sanctuaries.
They (already) praise you in your beauty.
You shine in the sky with Re,
Osiris, foremost of Westerners, great god, lord of Abydos.
You shine in the earth with Geb,
Osiris, foremost of Westerners, great god, lord of Abydos.
The transfigurations of Isis are your protection,
she destroys the corpse of your enemy.


Osiris, the foremost of Westerners, the great god, lord of Abydos, is true of voice,
false is the voice of the wretched Seth.
Osiris, the foremost of Westerners, the great god, lord of Abydos, is rejoicing,
the wretched Seth is in distress.
Justified is Osiris, the foremost of Westerners
against that wretched Seth and his following. (Say) four times.
Justified is [the reigning king]
against his enemies. (Say) four times.

-true of voice: justified, found to be without blame.

6. The cutting to pieces
Cut it (the figurine) to pieces with the knife. Say:

Appeal to the slaughterer

Grasp, grasp, you slaughterer,
grasp the knife in your hand!
Commit slaughter with the knife in your hand,
by committing slaughter on the wretched Seth,
by cutting off the heads of all enemies
Osiris, the foremost of the Westerners.

Utterance against the heads of the rebels

These heads of yours, you rebels,
this head of yours, O wretched Seth

are in the slaughter of the fighter
with his sharp knife.
Sakhmet! "Flaming one!"
Fire snake! "(Snake) on the fire!"
You shall fell Seth, the wretched one, with your knives!
You shall cut to pieces his following with your knives!


Justified is Osiris, the foremost of the Westerners
against the wretched Seth and his following. (Say) four times.
Justified is the reigning king
against his enemies. (Say) four times.

[Image: Final dismemberment of Seth]
Final dismemberment of Seth

After H. W. Fairman, The Triumph of Horus London, 1974

7. The burning

Put it (the figurine) into the fire. Say:

Praise of the Eye of Horus as the flame which burns Seth

You have power, you have power, O Eye of Horus,
you have power over the wretched Seth and his following,
that enemy,
who has caused great grief,
as you are great (wrtj) as a flame inside his body.
in that name of yours: "Eye of Horus."
as you are great and your fire is strong (wsr) to destroy his body
in that name of yours: "wArt."
You are spitting fire inside his body
in that name of yours: "Bastet."
You throw (wd) flames to make his name cease,
in that name of yours: "Uto."
You spit (dp) at him so that he cannot be recognized (any more)
in that name of yours: "She from
You are at it (wnn) devouring his whole body
in that name of yours:
You consume his flesh, you burn his bones,
so that one doesn't (even) find the ashes of his body.

Seth shall fall. Justification of Horus

-Bastet: Feline goddess of Bubastis, mother of Miysis, Lord of Slaughter.
-Uto: Serpent goddess of Buto, she was the protective uraeus of the king and became Eye of Re.
-wnw.t: Unut (Wenut), lady of Onu, 15th upper Egyptian nome. Originally apparently a serpent goddess. Also depicted with a hare's head.
Fall then, wretched Seth, (you) whose portion does not exist.
The Horus eye destroys you with its flame.
Hor is justified, his snake is before both his eyes,
reared up around him.

8. Spitting at the figurine in the fire Spit on it in the fire many times. Say:

Nut comes in the role of her who incites vengeance

You pass, wretched Seth with your following!
Mine is Sakhmet with the aching flame.
Mine is
mntj.t with the painful claws.
Mine is the "Devourer" whom nobody wards off.
Mine is the "Splendid One", who devours unexpectedly (?).
Mine is
mAfd.t who causes her enemies to fall.
Mine is the great lioness who beats the rebels.
Mine is every fire serpent that burns with its flame.
Mine is "The One on the Fire" in
Mine is the mistress of the slaughter in Atfih.
Mine is the lady of
iSrw in the city of the South.
Mine is the Great One in Memphis.
Mine is the royal wife, companion of the
ih.t cow.
Tefnut in the [lower]
Mine is the Lady of the Pace in Hermopolis,
the great Bastet in the divine city.
Mine is the "One in the Slaughter-house" in the Edfu of the East.

Nut exhorts the fire serpents to burn Seth

-Sakhmet: the mighty one, consort of Ptah, mother of Nefertem, goddess of war and healing.
-mAfd.t: Mafdet, embodiment of the judicial power. Her claws are compared to the spear of Horus.
[Image: Mafdet]
Mafdet - instrument of execution consisting of a hooked staff, a roll of rope and a knife
After M.Lurker, Lexikon der Götter und Symbole der alten Ägypter

-the city of the South: Thebes
-Tefnut: consort of Shu, known as Lady of the Flame.
I have come to take responsibility for my son,
(as the one) against whom great grief has been committed.
My heart hurts.
Burn the wretched Seth for me!
Burn his following for me!

The seven fire serpents of Atum burn Seth

The fire serpents feed on him [for me],
the uraei of Atum.
The "Mistress of Radiance" has power over him.
The "Devourer" devours him.
hwr.t has beaten his following.
The "Breaker of Millions" has broken their hearts.
The "Mistress of the Flame" is magnificent in him.
"She of the painful Glow" burns him.
"She who Subdued Mankind" has overcome the rebels.
They (all) have lain him who committed evil on the slaughtering table.

The seven fire serpents shall keep Seth captured forever

O you, these 7 uraei of Atum,
you who seize the hearts, you who steal the hearts,
by whose fire the rebels will be burned,
you shall seize the hearts, you shall steal the hearts
of that wretched Seth and his following.
You shall burn their bodies
with the flames in your mouths.
They shall not get away, they shall not escape
from the slaughterhouse of the East for all eternity.

Nut speaks to Seth

Beware not to utter as an utterance
in the words of those whose mouth runs away,
if at the moment (which has been given them) their utterances are :
"Is there a mother who consumes her child?
Is there a woman who draws her knife against him who emerged from her?"
I have opened (my) mouth in order to eat,
I have drawn (my) knife in order to commit slaughter
against that wretched Seth and his following,
(against him) who was not mild, who grasped in evil
against the eldest of my body, of mild manners,
who emerged with the royal serpent on his head from (my) body,
who was crowned before he was born,
(against him) who created evil against the body cleaver,
who was hard hearted against the benefactor,
who brought about unequalled crimes.

Nut is angry against Seth

I have to turn what has been instigated against him who did so,
the damage against him who caused it.
I spit at him in the flame.
My utterances are (directed) against him on the fire.
My fingers are against him like sharp knifes.
My nails are against him like blades of bronze.
I slaughter the body of him, the unsuccessful.
I fetch the head of him who has brought about grief.


I have made Osiris Wn-nfr, the justified, true of voice,
and his son Horus his avenger.
Justified is Osiris, the foremost of Westerners, the great god, lord of Abydos
against that Seth and his following. (Say) four times.
Justified is [the reigning king]
against his enemies. (Say) four times.
Say (this). Spit on it (the figurine of Seth) in the flame many times.
The end.

After Siegfried Schott, Bücher und Sprüche gegen den Gott Seth,
Urkunden des ägyptischen Altertums, sechste Abteilung, Heft 1, 1929

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