Ancient Egyptian Texts:  7.25


Text:   (A) P. Dem. Berl. Kaufv. 3090 ,   (B) UPZ 2.176
Provenance:   Djeme/Memnoneia
Date:   September 140 B.C.
Script:   Demotic (with Greek tax receipt)
Translated by:   E. Revillout, "Nouvelle Chrestomathie Démotique" (1878), pp.32-45
Format:   see key to translations

During the reign of Ptolemy VIII, Egyptian scribes needed to keep up with the latest developments in the king's relationship with his wives. The scribe of this document was clearly aware that the king had married Cleopatra III ('Cleopatra the wife'), but she is not yet given the title of 'queen'. See E Lanciers, "Cleopatra III's Marriage with Ptolemy VIII and the Start of her Queenship" ( PDF ).

[A]   Year 30, Mesore 16, of king Ptolemy Euergetes, son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra the gods Epiphaneis, and of queen Cleopatra, his sister, his wife, the goddess Euergetes; with the priest of Alexander, of the gods Soteres, of the gods Adelphoi, of the gods Euergetai, of the gods Philopatores, of the gods Epiphaneis, of the god Eupator, of the god Philometor, and of the gods New Euergetai, and the athlophoros of Berenice Euergetes, and the kanephoros before Arsinoē Philadelphos, and the priestess of Arsinoē Philopator, being in accordance with those who are established at Rakoti, and whoever the king has appointed to act in the district of Thebes as priest of Ptolemy Soter, and as priest of king Ptolemy Euergetes, and as priest of Ptolemy Philadelphos, and as priest of Ptolemy Philopator, and as priest of Ptolemy the god Epiphanes Eucharistos, and as priest of Ptolemy the god Philometor, and as priest of Ptolemy the god Eupator, and as priestess of queen Cleopatra, and as priestess of Cleopatra the wife of the king, and as priestess of Cleopatra his mother, the goddess Epiphanes, and as kanephoros before Arsinoē Philadelphos; says the woman Taioun, daughter of Pehet, her mother being Bellas, in good health, aged 70 years, . . . (?) stooped woman, large in body, to the pastophoros of Amenopi of the west of Thebes, Hor, son of Hor, his mother being Tsenpoeri:

You have given me, satisfying my heart, the money for the vacant plot next to my house, which is in extent a quarter of an aroura, that is 25 land cubits, in extent a quarter of an aroura in total, which is in your vacant plot, which is in the Ammonieion on the south of Djeme, which is inside the enclosing wall. The neighbours of your entire place are: to the south, the house of Amenhotep, son of Phetar, and the cyiq of Snachomneus, with the road between them; to the north, the house of Paoun son of Pseamen, which is for his sons, with the wall between them; to the east, the ounin, the upper part, and the vacant plot of Poer the fuller; and to the west, my house and its vacant plot, with the road between them; that is the total of the neighbours of your place, that one described above, in which I have given to you my extent of a quarter of an aroura, which came to me in the name of Pehet, my father. I give it to you, to you I give it, to be your extent of a quarter of an aroura, that one described above. I have received your payment of the price, in silver, from your hand. The payment is complete, without anything remaining. My heart is satisfied with it. I have no claim, of any kind at all, to make against you concerning it. No other person, whoever at all, has any connection to it. I alone will release it for you. From this day onwards, whoever comes to you concerning it in my name, in the name of anyone at all - I will remove him from you. I guarantee this to you - for whatever part, or whatever claim at all - for all time. It belongs to you, with its parts, in whatever place they are, with all the documents that have been written about it, with all the documents that have been written for me about it, and with all the documents that I will use as proof in its name. To you belongs that documentation and their rights. I will use it as proof in their name. The oath and the settlement will be made for you in the place of justice, in the name of the rights of the document above,which I have made for you. What I have to do, I will do without making any kind of excuse or any claim against you.

Written by Herieus son of Phetar, who is scribe at Hermonthis.

[B]   {written in Greek}

Year 30, Mesore 17, I Apollonios, the assistant of Theodoros, have transacted the business through Herieus the notary.

{written in a different hand:}

Year 30, Mesore 22, at the bank in Hermonthis, which is managed by Apollonios, one-twentieth sale tax in accordance with the directive from Sarapion the (?) observer of the sale, to which Ammonios the checking-clerk subscribes.

Horos son of Horos bought an empty plot of ¼ (?) cubit in the southern part of the Memnoneia, of which the neighbours are stated in the preceding document, from Tigonis the daughter of Apathes, for two thousand bronze drachmas - that is 2,000 - on which the tax paid is one hundred drachmas - that is 100.

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