Ancient Egyptian Texts:  4.1


Text:   IFAO 14456
Date:   c. 737 B.C.
Language:   Hieroglyphic
Translated by:   J. Berlandini
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1 Year 30 of the reign, first month of the season of Peret [???], first day.
The great chief of the Libu, [great] chief and commander Rudamen [???]
2 pr-iw-nTr [???] Weseshete, son of Tilpenu, [his mother being ///] her /// [???] [makes] 3 a donation [of a field] of five [???] [aruras] [???] to the prophet of Heka the Child who /// // the palace [???] 4 /// /// /// [So]bek [???], borne [???] by Sekhmet, Tilpenu /// 5 [As to] him who trans[gresses] [???] /// he shall go to [???] the sword of the k[ing]. 6 May he violate his child! His son shall [perish]. As to him who confirms this stela [???], he shall live!
- -Year 30 of the reign: the reigning king is not mentioned, but based on the length of the reign and stylistic considerations J. Berlandini concluded that it was the reign of Sheshonq V, ca 737 BCE.
The absence of the king's name may be interpreted as an indication of his lack of influence over the Libyan chieftains in the Delta.
The consecration of the sx.t field is a right of the ruler, here performed by Rudamen instead of the king.
[Rudamen offering Sakhmet the sx.t field]
Rudamen (2nd from right) wearing a Libyan chief's feather on his head is offering Sakhmet the sx.t field in a basket. Heka the Child is on the far left, naked but for a wesekh collar, holding a nekhakha sceptre, with his finger to his mouth and wearing the childhood lock.

Jocelyne Berlandini, Une stèle de donation du dynaste libyen Roudamon, BIFAO 78 (1978), pp. 147-163 [1]

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