Ancient Egyptian Texts:  6.13


Text:   P. BM dem. 69008 + P. Berlin dem. 13381   [ TM 162 ] ,   P. Heid. dem. 742B + 781   [ TM 159 ]
Provenance:   Pathyris   ( Aphroditopolis )
Date:   (A) Sept. 103 B.C. ,   (B) Sept. 102 B.C.
Language:   Demotic
Format:   see key to translations

The translation of these letters is taken from E. Van't Dack et al., "The Judean-Syrian-Egyptian Conflict of 103-101 B.C.", pp. 52 & 70 (Brussels, 1989). According to the translators, Panobchounis was serving as a soldier in the army of king Ptolemy X, in the war which the king waged against his brother Ptolemy IX; letter A was sent from Ptolemais-Akko in Phoenicia, and B was sent from Mendes in Egypt.

[A]   From Panobchounis son of Phmois, the agent of Souchos the great god Nechtpharaus, greetings to Pates son of Tsenous the commander {hegemon}, to Pachrates, to Poeris son of Nechoutes, to Horos son of Portis the standard-bearer, to Peteesis son of Psenthotes, to Horos son of Nechoutes the man who has been elected, to Patous son of Paos, to Psenmenches son of Onnophris, to Peteharsemtheus son of Herianoupis, to Psenanoupis son of Pelaias, to Peteharsemtheus son of Ḫḥȝ1js, to Pakoibkis son of Harkonnesis, to Patouomtis son of Harkonnesis, to Psenesis son of Tȝ-mḥṱ, to Peteesis son of Psenpmois, to Harekusis son of Pelaias, to Horos the younger {Harpchemis ?} son of Imouthes, to Totoes son of Hatres, to Horos the younger {Harpchemis ?} son of Pelaias, to Psenmenches 10 son of Nechoutes, to . . . son of Tsenous, to Haruothes son of . . .,  to Psenthotes son of . . .   . . . the land of the Syrians (?) . . .   . . . again . . . look after the soldiers (?) according to the summons ofthe king until the god has brought them safely back to Egypt. When a payment (?) {or expense or violence (?)}occurs to you there, send me . . . I am sending you this letter on th bwȝ.t of Ptolemais. The king went to Damascus. He left one company of men 20 of the army (?) in the town {or: one company of men 20 to go to the town (?)}. They have returned to {or with (?)} them {or: they let me go to them}.   Written year 15 which is also year 12, 10 Thoth.  

{Verso}   Letter to give it to Pates son of Tsenous the commander {hegemon} and all his companions.

[B]   Panobchounis son of Phmois makes obeisance for Pates son of Tsnous, the commander {hegemon}, and Pachrates and Pates and Horos and Peteesis and Poeris and all their companions before Mendes the great god and Harpochrates, who may give that we take your hand.   I receive service from {= I am grateful to ?} all the soldiers greatly. They . . . all of them . . . a thing happens to you . . . if(?) violence (?) happens to you there. Plhws the general looks after us very well. I have written you this letter to inform you that (?) we went to Phommous the general. An order . . . was made for the village scribe Espnoutis son of Paneferhotepchered. There is no delay for us to go to the South on 10 Thoth. We sail . . .  [I will look ?] after what will be ordered.   Written [in year 16] which is also year 13, 6 Thoth.

{Verso}   To give it to Pates son of Tsnous, the commander {hegemon}.

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