Ancient Egyptian Texts:  4.22


Text:   Cairo JE 46320
Provenance:   Denderah
Date:   c. 30 B.C.
Script:   Hieroglyphic and Demotic
Translated by:   G. Cafici
Format:   see key to translations

The translation is taken from G. Cafici, "The Egyptian Elite as Roman Citizens: Looking at Ptolemaic Private Portraiture", pp.321-322 ( Google Books ); see also I.S.Moyer, "Finding a Middle Ground. Perspectives on Ptolemaic Thebes" p. 130 ( PDF ).

The inscriptions show that Pamenches was the son of another strategos, Pachom/Hierax ( see AET_6.17 ).  

[A]   {Hieroglyphic text:}   The prince, governor, the treasurer of the king of Lower Egypt, the sole companion, beloved of the king, the great one at the head of the people, the great of praise of the house of Horus, strategos of Edfu, Denderah, of the first nome of Upper Egypt, Philae, El-Kab and Hierakonpolis, king's brother {syngenes}, devoted before the god and the goddesses, the one who created beautiful monuments for the house of Horus Behedety, the great god, lord of the sky and of Hathor, the great lady of Denderah, 2 and Khnum the great, lord of Elephantine, Isis the Giver of life, lady of Denderah, Osiris, lord of the Abaton, Nekhbet lady of El-Kab, Horus of Hierakonpolis, Shu, son of Ra, the one who presents libations to these gods on both his hands, and Osiris the foremost of the West, the great god, lord of Abydos   Pamenches, son of the similarly titled Pachom, first prophet of Horus Behedethy, the great god lord of the sky and of Hathor the great, lady of Denderah, Eye of Ra, lady of the sky, lady of all the gods, 3 of Isis the great, mother of the god, first prophet of Harsomuthis the child, son of Hathor, Ihy the great son of Hathor, overseer of the treasury of Horus, the great god, lord of the sky, the prophet of Khnum, Lord of Elephantine and of Isis, lady of Philae, and of Osiris lord of the Abaton with their Ennead, the prophet of Nekhbet of El-Kab, Horus of Hierakonpolis, Shu son of Ra with their Ennead. Oh, these gods and goddesses upon this statue cause his name and the names of his children to endure forever and eternally.

[B]   {Demotic text:}   Pamenches son of Hierax, the brother of the king, the prophet of Horus, the prophet of Hathor, the prophet of Harsomuthis.

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