Ancient Egyptian Texts:  7.20


Text:   Berlin P 13637
Provenance:   Tebtunis
Date:   261 B.C.
Language:   Demotic
Translated by:   F. Wespi
Format:   see key to translations

At the time of this oath, Ptolemy the Son was still recognised as joint ruler of Egypt, although he was residing in Miletus; the date of the document is difficult to read, even though it appears several times in the text, and it may be slightly earlier than shown here.   The translation is taken (with some minor changes) from the German translation in the Demotic Palaeography Database.

Year 24, month 1 {Tybi} of the Peret season, of king Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy, and his son Ptolemy.

Wording of the oath, which the singer Hema, [the son of] Pamneuis, is making:

By the 5 genius of king Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy, and his son Ptolemy as well as ArsinoŽ and the deceased parents and the Gods Adelphoi!† I will bring the harp of Soknebtunis, which is in my possession, to Tebtunis 10 no later than the 24th year, month 2 of the Peret season, the last day of the month.† I will take it to the temple of Soknebtunis, without any alteration.† And I will hand it over to the priests, intact and undamaged.† If I abide by my oath, may the genius of the king bless me.† If I break my oath, I am subject to the king's punishment. †

Written by Pelaias (?) son of Herieus, in the 24th year, month 1 of the season of Peret, 22nd day, at the behest of Hema son of Pamneuis.†

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