Ancient Egyptian Texts:  6.17


Text:   O. Ifao Edfu D 632   [ TM 128947 ]
Provenance:   Edfu
Date:   c. 50 B.C.
Script:   Demotic
Translated by:   D. Devauchelle & G. Widmer
Format:   see key to translations

This short text was found at Edfu, and published with a French translation by D. Devauchelle & G. Widmer, "Un brouillon de requête au stratège : Ostracon Ifao Edfou D 632)" ( ). The addressee was probably Pachom/Hierax, a strategos who is known to have lived about 50 B.C.

Pachom/Hierax belonged to an influential family at Denderah. A statue of him has survived; see I.S. Moyer, "Court, Chora and Culture in Late Ptolemaic Egypt", pp.33-34 ( ). His son, Pamenches, followed in his footsteps as a strategos ( see AET_4.22 ). His daughter, Hathor, is also mentioned in some short inscriptions; see A. Farid, "General Hathor, Daughter of Strategos Hjȝrgs-Pakhom" ( PDF ).

From Sabouros, son of Petosiris, before his superior, Hierax, the strategos.

I have come to you, having suffered extreme wrong at the hands of the woman who was with my father. The . . . came to me regarding sequestration. He sealed the place I where I lived. He made no difference (?) between me and the woman about whom I have come to you. I therefore am going to submit a complaint against her. All the matters about which he (?) came to me (?), I had already done.

If it please you, strategos, make them go far from me. Order your representative to give them to me, namely the goods which were in the place where I was living. They are small and unimportant, the things that make up my furniture (?). There is really no fault that has been found on my part in {i.e. in connection with?} the place that is sealed. It is thanks to the magnanimity that you will show towards me that my heart will feel tranquil. May the gods prompt you in your heart not to allow my face to be humiliated . . .

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