Ancient Egyptian Texts:  6.16


Text:   Cairo JE 38258   [ TM 52212 ]
Date:   November 205 B.C.
Language:   Demotic
Translated by:   M. Depauw
Format:   see key to translations

This strange document, which was written on a block of limestone, has been edited with an English translation by M. Depauw, "Egyptianizing the Chancellery during the Great Theban Revolt (205-186 BC): A New Study of Limestone Tablet Cairo 38258", who concludes that it was not a genuine letter, but was written as a scribal exercise.

. . . pastophoros (?) of Amun-Re-king-of-the-gods, the great god, the scribe of the trench for the water 'of Thebes' Peteharmais son of Petosiris [is the one who] says to his superior the scribe of the king . . . (son of?) Petosiris the scribe of the directive:

[Oh may Amun-Re-king-of-the-gods, the] great [god] let his life be long, while he will give you praise before Pharaoh (l.p.h.) Haronnophris (l.p.h.), [beloved of Isis], beloved of Amun-Re-king-of the-gods, the great god, together with all those of the royal palace.   From today on 5 I do not stop to bless the scribe of the directive before Amonrasonter, the great god, who will cause that your name remains (?) until eternity. I do not let the trench for the water be empty today, from year 1, 29 Thoth until 30 Thoth (?). If it happens that there would be negligence that would have happened there, it does not affect you.

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