Ancient Egyptian Texts:  8.14


Provenance:   Tentyra/Dendera
Date:   22/1 B.C.
Script:   Hieroglyphic
Translated by:   H. Amer & B. Morardet
Format:   see key to translations

For a description of the temple at Dendera, see R.S. Bagnall & D.W. Rathbone, "Egypt from Alexander to the Early Christians", pp.209-214 ( Google Books ).

This inscription was published with a French translation by H. Amer & B. Morardet, "Les dates de la construction du temple majeur d'Hathor à Dendera à l'époque gréco-romaine" ( ASAE 69 , 1983 ).  

On this beautiful day, in the 27th year, the 14th day of Epeiph {July 54 B.C.}, in the reign of his majesty, king of Higher and Lower Egypt, heir of the Saviour God, chosen one of Ptah, accomplishing the justice of Rē, living image of Amon, son of Rē Ptolemy, may he live eternally, the beloved of Ptah and Isis - that is to say, on the festival of the sixth day of this month, the measuring-rope was extended for the House of the August One by the king and by Seshat. The sanctuary was founded for the daughter of Ir-tȝ, and the halls were established in their right place by the Ḏȝisu, in accordance with the utterance of the Lord of hdn, with the modeller gods moulding them, Ptah giving the ruling, and the associate gods exulting in their precinct.

The great sanctuary was completed for the most beautiful of the goddesses and the Residence of Hathor was finished for the Golden One, the Eye of Rē, in the 9th year {22/1 B.C.} of the king of Higher and Lower Egypt, the Lord of the Two Lands, Imperator, son of Rē, Lord of the Apparition Caesar, may he live eternally, the beloved of Ptah and Isis. In total, the work lasted for 34 years.

When Hathor, the Golden One of the gods, entered her temple in the 1st year, on the 19th day {? September 30 B.C.}, of the reign of the aforesaid king, the sky was celebrating and the world was rejoicing. Dendera and Edfu felt a limitless joy, when they saw the Uraeus taking possession of her Seat, the horizon of her ka since the times of the primordial god . . .

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