Chronological List of Translated Egyptian Texts

This is a list of all the translations on this website, along with a few offsite translations, of Egyptian texts that can be dated with some accuracy. They are arranged in chronological order.   The dates in brackets are all B.C.

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4.1    The stela of Rudamen   (c. 737)

8.1    The Stela of Piye   (c. 725)

8.2    The adoption stela of Nitocris, daughter of Psamtik I   (656)

8.3    The stela of Ankhenesneferibre   (594)

4.3    The inscription of Nesuhor   (589-570)

4.4    The stela of Besmut   (c. 529)

4.5    The inscription of Udjahorresne   (c. 519)

4.6    The petition of Pediese   (513)

6.2.A    Marriage Contract from Saqqara   (510)

6.4.A    Demotic divorce document   (490)

6.1.A    Mibtahiah's first marriage   (459)

6.1.B    Liquidation of Mibtahiah's second marriage   (440)

6.1.C    Contract of Mibtahiah's third marriage   (440)

6.1.D    Manumission of a female slave   (June 427)

6.1.E    Marriage contract of a former slave girl   (420)

4th century B.C.

7.1    The Naukratis Decree   (380)

6.8    Letters to and about Pewenhor   (364-345)

2.1    Incantations against reptiles and noxious creatures   (360-343)

4.24    Statues of General Hor   (mid 4th century)

4.21    Epitaph of Somtutefnakht   (c. 330)

9.8    The glorifications of Herisenef   (c. 325)

7.8.A    Cession from father to son   (Nov./Dec. 324)

4.7    The biographical inscription of Petosiris   (c. 320)

9.11    Inscription of Ankh-pa-hered in the temple of Luxor   (April 320)

4.9    Statues of Djedhor, a Healer-Priest   (323-317)

6.18    Payment for the annual maintenance of a daughter   (Jan./Feb. 316)

7.8.B    Marriage Contract   (January 315)

8.5    Decree of the satrap Ptolemy Lagides   (November 311)

4.25.A    Statue of Nectanebo II's son   (c. 330-310)

4.25.B    Epitaph of Nectanebo I's great-nephew   (c. 330-310)

6.2.B    Greek Marriage Contract   (July/Aug. 310)

7.7    Sale and Cession of House   (March 307)

1.3    The book of the victory over Seth   (late 4th century)

1.4    Two versions of the creation myth   (late 4th century)

1.10    The Songs of Isis and Nephthys   (late 4th century)

5.11    Stelas of Mut-min & Nehem-set-Rat-tawy   (late 4th century)

7.8.C    House Sale   (December 301)

4.8    The inscription of Hor-nefer   (c. 300)

4.10    Statues of Nesmin, a young priest   (c. 300)

5.6    Statue of Semset   ( c. 300)

3rd century B.C.

7.8.D    Agreement to loan, secured by house   (December 295)

6.10    Letter from Phib to Paret   (? June 289)

7.8.E    House Sale from husband to wife   (May 284)

7.8.F    Agreement to loan, secured by house   (September 284)

8.6    Honours for Sheamenopy, a wool-trader in Naucratis   (January 280)

7.8.G    House Sale   (279)

7.8.H    Cession by father of vendor   (November 279)

9.10    Graffito in the temple of Satis, Elephantine   (?? 281-277)

9.2.A    Epitaph of a Buchis bull   (April 270)

2.7    Prayer of a blind man   (July 265)

8.7    The Great Mendes Stela   (April 264)

THI_258    Pithom Stele   (c. 264)

8.15    Report on migrants   (264/3)

THI_256    Sais Stele of Ptolemy II   (264/3)

7.20    Oath in the king's name   (March 261)

8.8    Edict concerning a comprehensive survey of Egypt   (November 258)

8.9    Stele of Senu-Sher   ( 275-255)

6.2.C    Marriage Contract   (Jan./Feb. 252)

4.11    Epitaph of Nesisti   (c. 250)

7.19    Agreement to provide surety for a prisoner   (March 247)

THI_257    Decree of Alexandria   (December 243)

6.5.A    Matrimonial Property Contract   (March 239)

8.10    The Canopus Decree   (March 238)

7.5    A tax-collectors' oath   (July/Aug. 236)

6.5.B    Matrimonial Property Contract   (November 235)

6.4.B    Demotic divorce document   (April/May 230)

6.2.D    Marriage Contract   (March 223)

1.9    Maat and the Golden Age   (246-222)

5.7    Epitaph of Tahebet   (c. 230-220)

7.28    Contract and Cession concerning burial arrangements at Hawara   (March 220)

THI_259    Raphia Decree   (November 217)

6.11    Letter from a perfume trader   (April 215)

1.13    Hymns to Horus at Edfu   (222-206)

6.16    Letter dated to reign of Haronnophris   (November 205)

7.17.A    Proposal to become a Scribe in Pathyris   (September 204)

7.17.B    Proposal to become a Scribe in Pathyris   (Nov./Dec. 204)

2nd century B.C.

8.11    The Greek section of the Rosetta Stone   (March 196)

8.12    Hieroglyphic and demotic sections of the Rosetta Stone   (March 196)

9.4.A    Self-dedications to Soknebtynis   (March/April 195)

7.18.A    Contract for sale of liturgical days   (August 194)

7.23    Lease of land at Philadelphia   (September 190)

5.10    Epitaph of Nefersobek   (December 189)

7.18.B    Contract for sale of liturgical days   (August 187)

7.10.A    Marriage Contract   (February 186)

THI_260    Second Philae Decree   (September 186)

THI_261    First Philae Decree   (185/4)

THI_262    Decree of the priests at Memphis   (April 182)

9.4.B    Self-dedications to Anubis   (July 182)

4.19    Statue of the dioiketes Horpakhepesh   (c. 193-180)

9.2.B    Epitaph of a Buchis bull   (February 180)

7.9    Proposal to become priest of Harsaphes   (180/79)

7.10.B    Property settlement at Deir el Ballas   (March 175)

6.2.E    Marriage Contract   (January 172)

9.4.C    Self-dedications to Egyptian gods   (c. 176-170)

7.4    Procès verbal: a judgment in Siut   (June 170)

6.7    Letter from a soldier to the residents of Djeme   (? April 167)

9.10    Graffito in the temple of Satis, Elephantine   (?? 168-164)

9.2.C    Epitaph of a Buchis bull   (February 162)

2.6.B    Dream in the Serapeum at Memphis   (September 160)

6.20.A    Report from Soknopaiou Nesos   (October 159)

2.3.A    Dream of Ḥor   (December 159)

2.6.C    Dream in the Serapeum at Memphis   (June 158)

8.18    Donation of Ptolemy VI to Isis at Philae   (July 157)

6.20.B    Report from Soknopaiou Nesos   (June 156)

7.16.A    Embalmment contract   (September 153)

6.3.A    Marriage contract from Pathyris   (April 152)

2.5    Nectanebo's Dream   (c. 150)

7.11    Allotment of crown lands to soldiers and their rents   (c. 150)

7.22    Contracts between sculptors and a temple at Tholthis   (March 148?)

6.20.C    Report from Soknopaiou Nesos   (March 147 or 136)

7.29    Contract for the hire of a donkey   (August 145 ?)

9.5    Admission of a priest at Tebtunis   (January 141)

7.26    Cession following judges' decision   (May 141)

7.25    Sale of an empty plot at Djeme   (September 140)

9.4.D    Self-dedications to Soknebtynis   (March 137)

7.12    Bilingual sale of liturgies   (January 136)

6.20.D    Report from Soknopaiou Nesos   (December 131)

4.18    Statue of the dioiketes Harchebi / Archibios   (c. 136-121)

7.27.C    Decisory Oath   (August 124)

7.27.D    Decisory Oath   (November 123)

8.17    Decrees of King Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II   (April 118)

THI_263    Stele of Ptolemy VIII at Heracleion   (c. 118)

1.14    Praise of the Creator Gods at Medinet Habu   (145-116)

8.16    The Kingston Lacy Obelisk   (c. 124-116)

6.3.B    Marriage contract from Pathyris   (October 116)

6.4.C    Demotic divorce document   (December 114)

1.12    The Sacred Drama of Horus at Edfu   (c. 110)

9.6.A    Religious association document   (April 109)

9.6.B    Religious association document   (December 109)

7.13    Contracts for sale of wheat with deferred delivery   (February 108)

9.6.C    Religious association document   (December 108)

9.6.D    Religious association document   (March 106)

7.24    Sale of a Cow   (November 106)

5.8    Epitaph of Hatheritis   (late 2nd century)

6.3.E    Marriage contract from Pathyris   (late 2nd century)

6.13.A    Letter from Panobchounis   (September 103)

6.13.B    Letter from Panobchounis   (September 102)

4.16    Epitaph of Pasas at Edfu   (103-101)

9.2.D    Epitaph of a Buchis bull   (May 101)

4.17    Statue of the general Petimuthes   (c. 100)

1st century B.C.

7.21    Contract concerning collection-boxes   (March 100)

4.12.A    Statue of Platon the Younger   (September 98)

7.27.B    Decisory Oath   (February 95)

7.6.N    Tax receipt   (94/3)

6.3.C    Marriage contract from Pathyris   (January 91)

8.13    History of the temple of Horus at Edfu   (c. 90)

6.3.D    Marriage contract from Pathyris   (June 89)

7.6.L    Tax receipt   (November 89)

4.12.B    Letter of Platon the Younger   (November 88)

6.15    Will of Heti   (April 68)

7.30    Contract for sale of a house by four siblings   (December 64)

9.7.A    Visit of the strategos to the temple of Djeser-set   (January 55)

6.17    Memorandum to the strategos Hierax   (c. 50)

9.7.B    Visit of the strategos to the temple of Djeser-set   (September 48)

9.9.A    Horoscope from Athribis   (April 44)

5.3    Epitaph of Kheredankh, daughter of Psherenptah   (February 43)

5.4    Epitaph of Tayimhotep   (February 42)

4.13    Epitaph of Psherenptah   (October 41)

5.5    Epitaph of Berenice   (July 33)

7.14    Contract with linen manufacturers at Coptos   (January 30)

4.22    Statue of Pamenches   (c. 30)

9.2.E    Epitaph of a Buchis bull   (April 29)

9.9.B    Horoscope from Athribis   (October 27)

4.23    Epitaph of Imhotep-Pedubast   (April 23)

5.9    Epitaph of Taneferher   (April 23)

8.14    Construction of the new temple of Hathor at Dendera   (22/1)

6.2.F    Greek Marriage Contract   (April 13)

7.6.A    Tax receipt   (August 11)

7.15    Contract for hire of a wagon   (March 07)

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