Ancient Egyptian Texts:  6.14


Script:   Demotic
Format:   see key to translations

Given that the ancient Egyptians considered it important to have a good burial, it is not surprising that many of their short documents refer to burials. Examples of various types of document are shown here.

The translations are taken from:

[A]   Receipt for a burial plot : Western Thebes   ( 3rd century B.C. )

Herieus, son of Thoteus, together with Pa..., his brother, paid for the price of one ground cubit, equals one hundred square cubits, equals one ground cubit again among the plots of Amenope(?) of Djeme. Its neighbours: South: the place of . . .; North: the place of Peteueris; [... East:] the place of Horos, son(?) of Amenothes, together with . . .

[B]   Approval to build a tomb : Western Thebes   ( December 248 B.C. )

[It is] Abukis, son of Searpthos, the agent (?) of the lesonis (?),who speaks to Thotsutmis, son of Panouphis . . . It is I who has said: "Build for yourself (?) . . . [on] the parcel of vacant land (?) . . . the mixed (?) garden (?), nine (?) artabas of wheat (?)."   Signed, in year 38, Hathyr, day 2.

[C]   Receipt for share of burial : Deir el-Medina   ( August 105 B.C. )

Pikos son of Psenminis is the one who says to Tatehathyris daughter of Psenminis:   "I have received payment for the third of the burial of Psenminis son of Zmanres, your father, our father. I have no claim against you over him. And I will bury him. And I will make sure that he is at peace in the grave, without having asked you for more money, seeds or anything else in the world. It is you who exercise your power over the goods you want to give for Psenminis, your father. If I come back to you for other goods relating to the burial of Psenminis son of Zmanres, your father , then I will give 5 talents for the burnt offerings of the sovereigns (l.p.h.). And I will give another 5 talents in front of Djeme; while I can still be prosecuted to force me to act in accordance with all the above words."   Written by Amenothes son of Panas, at the request of these two persons, in regnal year 9 corresponding to regnal year 12, month Mesore, day 3.

[D]   Approval of Burial : Valley of the Kings   ( September 152 or 141 B.C. )

(To) Ṯȝw-ʿẖy: "Bury Petosiris son of Esamounis and Tasomtous, his mother, and Tasemis, his wife, while I have not caused that a hindrance arise for them; they are alone."   Written by Psenamenophis son of Ḏḥwty-ḥtp in year 30, Thoth, day 1.

[E]   Approval of burial, and receipt of burial tax : Edfu   ( January 117 B.C. )

[Hornedjitef son of Horpaiset greets Patauy son of Syhatu. Bury Tutu son of Patauy. I have been paid by you (?) a tenth for his burial. There is no word I have to say against you about him.   Written in year 53, fourth month of Akhet {Choiak}, day 27.

[F]   Receipt of burial tax : Edfu   ( May 110 B.C. )

[Hor]nedjitef son of Horpaïset greets Tutu (?) . . . I am paid by you (?) for the performance of the burial (?) of Pasherihy son of ...-(?)-Hor and of the wife of Hor son of Padiiset and of the wife of Horpabik the builder and of Pasherihy the wab-priest, that is 4 people. There is no word I have to say against you.   Written in year 7, first month of Shemu {Pachons}, day (?) 2.

[G]   Receipt of burial tax : Western Thebes   ( January 255 B.C. )

Psenenteris, son of Panouphis, brought ½ silver kite for the tax of the overseer of the necropolis in the name of Nechthminis, son of Petiesis, the priest of Souchos, who was brought to the necropolis.   Signed by the god's father Peteamenophis, son of Nechtharmais, in year 30, Choiak, day 8.

[H]   Mummy label : Hermonthis   ( April 15 B.C. )

Petosiris, son of Oteyris, says to Totoês, son of Imuthês, the Overseer of the Mystery of Osorbuchis: "perform burial for Tnaphersaïs, daughter of Hôros, her mother is Nb.t-wḏȝ".   Written in year 15, fourth month of Peret {Pharmouthi}, day 6.

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