Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 731


Greek text:   IScM_2.2
Date:     c. 100-50 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Although there is little other information about the history of Tomis in the late Hellenistic period, we know that the Greek cities on the west coast of the Black Sea suffered many crises during this period. It is difficult to fix an exact date for this inscription, but it seems most likely that it is connected to the expansion of Dacian power under king Burebista; see L.Buzoianu & M.B!arbulescu, "Tomis: Historical and Archaeological Commentary", p. 143 ( PDF ).

[A]   When Sarapion son of Dioskourides was priest, as proposed by the archons: since on account of the critical times, the people, being afflicted and in sore need, has fallen into the greatest despondency and most of all is concerned about the surrounding walls of the city, as some men have left the city because of the shortages and others cannot help to guard their homeland because of the plague and illnesses; and as a result the people, needing a stronger and larger defence force, considers it necessary to appoint some men 10 to take the lead in guarding the most opportune parts of the city; therefore it is resolved by the council and the people to choose immediately two leaders out of all the citizens, who shall enrol forty picked men to guard the gates by day and by night and to patrol the city, until the people, after coming into a better condition and breaking loose from the dangers that surround it, can offer suitable thanks to the gods for its deliverance; and the leaders who are chosen shall have the power to compel those who disobey 20 and to fine them ten silver pieces per day, and to exact payment in whatever manner they can, without risk of any penalty or prosecution; and the people shall give them four gold pieces for a first offering and an assembly; and the archons in the harbour in the (?) area of the priest Aristophanes shall sell materials to the leaders at a reduced price. Chosen as leaders: Apollous son of Nikeratos and Poseidonios son of Geron.

[B]   When Theophilos son of Noumenios was priest, as proposed by the archons: since the leaders who were chosen by the people in accordance with the decree passed when Sarapion son of Dioskourides was priest - Apollous son of Nikeratos and Poseidonios son of Geron - 30 have enrolled forty picked men and have made every exertion, guarding the gates by day and by night and patrolling the city; and thereby they have preserved the city until it came into better prospects; and they have increased the money that was given to them by the city for a first offering; and each year they have offered a sacrifice to the Mother of the Gods and to the Dioskouroi on behalf of the safety of the people; therefore it is resolved by the council and the people to praise the leaders and the picked men for these matters, 40 and to inscribe the decrees and their names on a stele of white marble, and to set it up wherever they choose, so that others, seeing the gratitude of the people, may become more eager to act honourably in defending their homeland.


inscription 732

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