Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 654


Greek text:   FD_3.2.92
Date:     c. 149-144 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Sylloge³ restored the name of the Athenian as "Hegesandros son of Hegesandros", and identified him as the Hegesandros who wrote a treatise on Delphi in the second century B.C.

[B] God. [Good fortune]. When [Peisitheos son of Xenon] was archon, and the members of the council [for the second half of the year were Eudokos son of Praxias], Agesilaos [son of Tarantinos and Glaukos son] of Xenon; [it was resolved by the city of Delphi, in full assembly] with the votes [as prescribed by law: since . . . of Athens has continually been pious and holy] towards [the god] himself, [and has shown goodwill and honourable conduct towards the people of Delphi; and now], after arriving at [our city he has conducted himself during his residence here in a fine and seemly manner], worthy of the god [and of his homeland and of our city, spending from his own resources not a small] amount on the . . . therefore with good fortune [it is resolved to praise . . . of Athens for his] piety and holiness [towards the god, and for his goodwill and honourable conduct towards our city, and because he conducted himself during his residence here in a manner worthy] of the god and of the [city of] Athens [and of our people; and that] the city [shall grant to him and his descendants] proxeny, [priority in access to the oracle, priority in receiving justice, inviolability, the status of theorodokos, freedom from all taxes], privileged seating at all the [games that the city holds, the right for himself and his descendant to own land and] buildings, and [all the other rights that] are granted [to other proxenoi and benefactors] of the city; [and to sent to his people (?) the greatest gifts of hospitality prescribed] by law; and to invite him [to the public hearth in the prytaneion]. The magistrates [shall inscribe this decree] in the [most prominent place in the temple], and shall send a copy of it to the people [of Athens, so that everyone may be aware of it].

inscription 655

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