Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 1076


Greek text:   IG_4.1.99
Date:   c. 250-200 B.C.
Tags:     games+festivals
Format:   see key to translations

Although this inscription does not specific exactly what offence the three athletes committed, they were probably judged guilty of bribery; see M.Dillon, "Pilgrims and Pilgrimage in Ancient Greece", page 223 ( Google Books ).   The inscription was carved on the same stone as Syll_1075 ; the translation has been adapted from S.G.Miller, "Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources", page 74 ( Google Books ).

When Kleaichmides the son of Aristokles was the agonothete of the Games of Asklepios { at Epidauros }, the athletes judged guilty of damaging the festival were fined one thousand staters each:
  Taurides son of Telesios from Soloi in the men's stadion,
  Philistos son of Kallisthenes from Argos in the men's pentathlon,
  and Simakos son of Phalakrion of Epiros in the men's pankration.

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