Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 483


Greek text:   CID_4.33
Date:     c. 264/3 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

For the date of this and the following decree (when Damaios was archon at Delphi), see J.B.Scholten, "The Politics of Plunder", p.67 ( Google Books ). Because the Chremonidean War was still in progress, the hieromnemones took care to 'provide inviolability and security at the assembly for all the Greeks who travelled there.'

[It was resolved by the Amphictyons: since the hieromnemones] . . . and they performed all the sacrifices at Thermopylai {Pylaia} [and Delphi to both the gods] and the heroes as is traditional; and they took care [of the sacred funds and the precincts] in a fine and pious fashion; and when legal disputes arose, they resolved some of them and determined the other fairly and [lawfully]; and now they have provided inviolability and security at the assembly for [all the Greeks] who travelled there for the gathering; they prevented . . . those who disregarded the decisions of the Amphictyons; [they provided assistance] to everyone who came for legal cases; they sent envoys to the other Greeks concerning immunity on behalf of . . . the Aetolians; they took care of the common . . . the league of the Aetolians on behalf of the . . . and the decrees of the Amphictyons and . . . the resolutions of the Aetolians both at Thermopylai and at Delphi . . . so that there might be no ransom and no-one might be detained contrary to the laws of the Amphictyons . . . ; therefore, so that the other hieromnemones may continue to show piety towards the gods . . . and judge the legal disputes amongst the Greeks justly [according to the laws], knowing that they will be honoured and will receive [a reward worthy] of their good conduct, it is resolved to honour the hieromnemones who were in office [when Damaios was archon], together with the secretary of the hieromnemones, on account of their virtue and piety, and to crown each of them [with a laurel wreath], and to announce the award of this crown at the Pythian games; and to grant to them and their descendants security in [all the cities] which belong to the Amphictyonic council, and inviolability in war and peacetime, and privileged seating at all the games that are held by the Amphictyons; and they shall have all the other honours which are given to the benefactors of the god. So that they may have an everlasting memorial of this, the commissioner of works and the secretary of [the hieromnemones shall provide] and prepare a stone stele, and inscribe on it the names and cities of the hieromnemones, and place [the inscription in front of] the temple of Pythian Apollo; and the hieromnemones shall report this complete resolution of the Amphictyons back to each [of the cities], from which they came.

The hieromnemones were as follows:

{Followed by 484}

inscription 484

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